December 11, 2023


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Over 300 People Affected by Online Travel Agency Tour Packages Cancellation

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Few days ago, we blogged about 120 People Stranded in KLIA After Getting Scammed by Online Travel Agency and you can read it here. Yesterday, Harian Metro reported that over 300 people had their European tour crushed when the travel agency cancelled their tour packages.

From what we understand, this could be the same online travel agency that left 120 people stranded in KLIA a few days ago. According to the news report, the Kajang based travel agency was mobbed by affected travellers. The total loss for the 300 people could reach RM 2 million according to the news report. They received text messages from the tour company that their tour packages were cancelled.

We were alerted by some of our friends on their packages last year as they asked for our advice. We told them it is too good to be true as the fares are too cheap. It doesn’t make sense when the tour package is the same price as the flight ticket. How can a travel company make money by throwing price like that?

One of the main reasons why people purchased their tour packages as they allow monthly instalments. Instead of paying one lumpsum, many people are attracted by the monthly instalments.

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Some of the victim purchased the Turkey tour packages for their family and lose up to RM 40,000. Their tour package is scheduled for March this year.

The CEO of the tour company told the affected travellers that they will compensate the losses within six months. We hope that the affected travellers can received their money as promised by the travel agency at the end of the day.

For those who plans to buy travel packages online from travel agency, remember to check the legitimacy of the travel agency if it is based in Malaysia. Make sure the travel agency has the proper travel license from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia. You can visit their official website and check at

This is the second case in this week alone. We hope we all learn something from this and be more vigilant in purchasing travel packages online. For your information, we purchased travel packages from trusted travel websites like Agoda, Airbnb, Klook, Skyscanner and more.

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