October 1, 2023


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Spicy Mala Sauce Rabbit Head Food Dujiangyan China

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mala rabbit head

This is one of the unique food or bizarre food in China. Rabbit head is actually a popular food in Chengdu China. Then, it spread to other cities nearby such as Dujiangyan in Sichuan. We have rabbit meat in Malaysia but it never popular. There were attempts to popularise rabbit meat in Malaysia but it never succeeds. However, rabbit head is extremely popular in Chengdu.

The rabbit head is sold with spicy mala sauce. The mala sauce is a Sichuan speciality hot sauce that offers spicy and numbness after that.

rabbit head china

We were told that the rabbit head is cooked for 12 hours before it is cooked with mala sauce. You have to put on plastic gloves to eat the rabbit head.

rabbit head restaurant dujiangyan

The rabbit head is sold at 10 CNY each in Chengdu and 8 CNY in Dujiangyan. We went to a local restaurant in Dujiangyan by the name of ‘Particular Buck The Old Mumber’. We are not sure what it means but they offer spicy mala sauce rabbit head.

It is good to order one rabbit head per person as you need to get your hands on. They offer plastic gloves and you have to slowly eat it with your hands.

mala rabbit head china

The rabbit meat itself is tasteless but the spicy mala sauce enhances the taste. The texture is soft and it is similar with chicken, Tony from Singapore mentioned it is similar to duck. The spicy mala sauce will give you the numbness after taste but the sauce itself is spicy and tasty!

rabbit head mala

I only ate the meat and not the entire head. I still can’t get the image of Bugs Bunny off my head so I just want to taste a bit.

The sensation of eating this is similar with eating chicken wing. You have to slowly bite the meat off the bones. It is troublesome process but once you enjoyed it, you will love it.

rabbit head food china

Spicy mala sauce rabbit head is the perfect snack in winter as the mala sauce will heat up your body. I can feel the heat and it was so extreme, I can’t even sleep properly at night. My body feels like burning, I kid you not.

Like the Tourism Sichuan tagline ‘Sichuan is more than Pandas’, you can find rabbit head as local delicacy. I ventured to a few parts of Sichuan and the views and food is top notch. You can fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu Sichuan with AirAsia. Remember to apply for China Visa before you travel to China. There will be more stories on Sichuan China soon.

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