January 29, 2023

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Thai Trader Calls Off 10 Million Dollar Bachelorette Contest

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Just a couple of days ago, a simple Thai girl becomes the hottest topic in Thailand and neighbour countries. The story of the daughter of Thai durian trader becomes the most eligible bachelorette in Thailand. The Thai durian trader announced that he will offer 10 million Thai Baht, 10 cars, 1 house, 2 durian markets and more bonus for his future son in law. The announcement shocked the world, thousands of good looking probably jobless men in the region felt they had a chance.

According to the Thai trader, there were 10,000 applicants and more wanted to woo his daughter. Since there are so many free labours, he created three months long contest. The applicants will have to work in the durian orchard to prove themselves. This feels like The Apprentice TV show right? He will fire each contestant until the last one standing. They will start the audition on 1st April (not sure if it is an April’s Fool prank) and it will last for three months.

The most handsome durian planters and traders in the region start offering themselves for this challenge. This includes our very own Durian King owner who invited them to come over for a feast of durian.

After millions more requests, the Thai trader gave up and called off the contest. His phone was ringing non stop from applicants from all around the world and maybe that is the reason why he could not pick up his wife’s calling. Nothing is more worst than not picking up your wife’s phone seriously. I am sure he was forced to kneel on durian skins for sure.

With so many distractions and billions more coming for this contest, the Thai trader calls off the contest for his own good.

There will be no more 10 million dollar bachelorette contest but he is still willing to offer the cash to his future son in law.

If you are planning on this, make sure you move to Chumphon and pretend to shop in his durian market and try to impress his daughter. Maybe love at first sight will still exist. Even, if you miss the boat, you will still enjoy the durians and the good food and pristine beaches in Chumphon Thailand. Don’t give up guys!

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