March 27, 2023

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Lacie Rugged USB C Perfect for Travellers

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Lacie Rugged USB C Perfect for Travellers

What is the perfect external hard drive for travellers? We had at least half a dozen of external hard drives at home but the best so far is Lacie. Lacie is a subsidiary of Seagate and the Lacie Rugged USB C is perfect for travellers.

What is the most important thing you need when you travel with an external hard drive? For me, it is durability, compatibility, speed and security. This is why it is time you should invest more in an external hard drive like Lacie Rugged USB C.

We are in South Africa right now and we are traveling with Lacie Rugged USB C. We are not worried about knocks, falls and water spills as Lacie Rugged USB C comes with the protective rubber orange sleeve and it can protect the hard drive from knocks and drops and it comes with ‘rain resistance’.

This Lacie Rugged USB C is designed by Neil Poulton. We read some reviews that they hated the orange rubber sleeve but we don’t mind that bright orange color. We love striking colors.

It terms of compatibility, it works perfectly for PC users, MAC users or both. You have option to format the hard drive according to your need. You can have FAT32, an NTFS or a hybrid.

Please do take note that it comes with two cables, one for PC and one for Mac.

For security, they offer Data Recovery Services and this is something you probably need if you don’t have constant access to your Cloud drive when you are traveling around the world.

For example, we have limited data access in South Africa and that’s why we have not uploaded our Lacie Rugged UBC unboxing video yet.

For the speed, we have no complains so far and it is running faster than the usual external hard drives.

Overall, Lacie Rugged USB C is perfect for travellers like us or business travellers who constantly on the move without worrying on rough physical usage and data security and backup. For the retail price, it is seems to be expensive but if you check out, there are quite a few sellers offer it with discount.

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