April 1, 2023

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The original Nando’s Chicken in South Africa Review

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The original Nando’s Chicken in South Africa Review

We love Nando’s and its peri peri chicken since they opened in Malaysia many years ago. We always thought Nando’s is a Portuguese restaurant but in fact, it is originated from South Africa. Since we were in South Africa, we taste the original Nando’s chicken in South Africa.

Like many others out there, do you know Nando’s Chicken is originated from South Africa? It started in 1987 in Johannesburg South Africa by Mozambique-born Fernando Duarte and South African-born Robert Brozin. The idea started when they visited a Portuguese takeaway named Chickenland. After trying the peri peri chicken, they bought the restaurant and renamed it Nando’s (Fernando’s first born son).  In short, it was Chickenland before Nando’s.

We tasted the Nando’s chicken at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and it is very popular with locals too. V&A Waterfront is a popular shopping mall in Cape Town and it very safe too.

We ordered half chicken and a quarter chicken with chips, salad and bread. The portion of the chicken is rather small, similar to Nando’s Malaysia.

The big question is what is the taste of Nando’s chicken in South Africa? Well, the flavour of the sauce is similar but the texture of the chicken is tender. The chicken here is grilled to perfection and even the chicken breast is tender and not rough or hard. It is hard to believe that chicken breast can be so tender.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal and to be honest it taste better than Nando’s Malaysia. If you look at the pictures, they are pretty generous with the Peri-peri sauce too. The Nando’s chicken here is so good, we went there twice!

We also ordered the Chocolate Milkshake but it is nothing to shout about. It is simple chocolate milkshake with Chocolate syrup.

For the pricing of Nando’s in South Africa, it is similar to the Malaysian price. One quarter chicken with one side dish is around RM20 and the Quarter Chicken Meal with a drink is around RM 24.

Fast food in South Africa is around RM 20++ per person so it is considered reasonable. We travelled in a group tour so we went to ‘safe places’ in South Africa. Most people in South Africa is very friendly and it is better than we thought.

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