June 1, 2023

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Are Restaurants Open During Day Time in Dubai during Ramadan?

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Are Restaurants Open During Day Time in Dubai during Ramadan?

When we realized that we will be traveling in Dubai during the holy month of Ramadan, we were worried about the dining options during day time. Our friend went to Dubai during Ramadan over 10 years ago and he told us that you can’t eat in the restaurant back then. The big question is ‘Are Restaurants Open During Day Time in Dubai during Ramadan?’

The answer is ‘YES’. Restaurants are open during day time in Dubai during Ramadan but it must be sealed or partitioned. Let me show you some of the pictures we took in Dubai during Ramadan.

The food court at Dubai Mall

Most restaurants will have a black cloth to close off the entrance and the entire restaurant but the restaurant is open. There will be signages for the entrance of the restaurant.

The notice of the food court in Dubai Mall

If you prefer more food options, you can visit the food courts in shopping malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The entrance of the food court will be partitioned and there are security guards who are around the entrance and inside the food court.

For dessert or coffee stalls, some of them are closed during day time while some are opened. You can eat in food stalls but you can take away back to your hotel to eat.

Eating and drinking in public is an offense but you can drink and eat in hotels or even in tour coaches or buses.

Please take note that there are no restrictions for restaurants and cafes inside the airport (departure hall).

Most waiters and waitresses are foreign workers from Philippines, India, Pakistan and more. All of them speaks English so communication is not a problem. Some of them can speak Chinese due to the China tourists.

We don’t think Ramadan is an issue for us to travel around in Dubai or Abu Dhabi but the hot weather during summer is the bigger problem for us.

The currency in Dubai is Arab Emirate Dirham (AED) and it is 1 AED to RM 1.14. The food pricing, the cheapest are fast food chain like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut from set meals from 20 AED above. Restaurant food prices are from 40 AED per meal and above. Most restaurants serve HALAL food but we understand there are NON-HALAL restaurants too.

We enjoyed ourselves traveling around Dubai especially with shopping and dining in the malls. We don’t mind going there again probably during winter time when it is colder. Dubai is better than what we expected and we might revisit again in the future. Remember to get the Cheapest 4G Sim Card in Dubai here.

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