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Breakfast at Adrift by David Myers Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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Breakfast at Adrift by David Myers Marina Bay Sands Singapore

mbs adrift

Adrift by David Myers is a restaurant located at the lobby (near Tower 2) in Marina Bay Sands. They are open from morning till 2 am serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner and late night menu. There are few breakfast venues for Marina Bay Sands Hotel guests and Adrift by David Myers is one of them.

Please check on your room reservation as some hotel guests might need to pay for breakfast at Adrift by David Myers. It is all depends on which type of room reservation did you make as some room reservation do not cover breakfast. The other breakfast venue is Spago at Level 57, Skypark, Marina Bay Sands.

mbs adrift western buffet

There is always a queue at Adrift by David Myers as it is small restaurant with limited tables but the food here is good. It is a very cozy and comfortable restaurant and staffs here are very friendly.

mbs adrift cold cut

The food options here are good with sausages, hash browns, bacon, cold cuts, cheese platter and more. We love that premium thick beef slices and also the desserts available.

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There are also Meiji yogurt and plenty of fruits available.

mbs adrift katong laksa

On top of that, their breakfast specialty is Katong Laksa. The popular Singaporean laksa taste is mild but enjoyable with strong flavour from the coconut milk. The best the locals claimed is 328 Katong Laksa.

The breakfast quality is really good here as we enjoyed the food here especially the cold cuts and the cheese selections. We are not a big fan of Katong Laksa but it is enjoyable.

As we mentioned earlier, this is a day long restaurant so do check out their brunch, lunch, dinner and late night menu.

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