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P Nong Famous Chicken Rice Sadao Hatyai Thailand

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P Nong Famous Chicken Rice Sadao Hatyai Thailand

p nong

This is the P Nong Famous chicken rice in between Sadao and Hatyai in Southern Thailand. They are located on the main road and often visited by travellers who travelled in between two towns. This old chicken rice shop is opened from 6.30 am until 4 pm and they serve Thai style chicken rice and crispy pork (siew yoke).

p nong thai chicken

Like we mentioned earlier, P Nong is a popular pitstop in between Sadao and Hatyai. They are open for breakfast until 4 pm so travellers can have some Thai style chicken if you are heading to Hatyai or Sadao.

We were on our way back to Malaysia and we reached P Nong around noon time. The restaurant was packed and we have to find a table.

p nong chicken

We ordered the famous Thai style chicken or similar to Hainanese chicken with crispy pork.

The taste of the chicken is good and the texture of the chicken is better than we expected. Remember to complement the chicken with grated ginger and chilli sauce to add more flavours. The rice is fragrant and overall it is good.

p nong fried pork

Thai version of crispy pork is similar to our ‘siew yoke’ but they deep fried their pork. Thus, the texture of their pork is slightly harder but it gets the crackling crispy skin. This goes very well with the chili sauce. We had a very ‘fatty’ crispy pork as you can tell from the picture so it was too greasy for us.

Overall, we thought the food is good but it didn’t really impress us. Some of our friends love their version of chicken rice than the chicken rice outlets in Hatyai. Food tasting is up to individual and there are different preferences.

p nong chicken rice

If you never been to P Nong famous chicken rice, you probably need to drop by and let us know what you think.

P Nong Chicken Rice Address:

บ.ทุ่งลุง 224 Kanjanavanich Rd, Tambon Phatong, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90230, Thailand

Phone: +66 74 291 926

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