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14 Reasons To Stay in Shinjuku Washington Hotel

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14 Reasons To Stay in Shinjuku Washington Hotel

14 reasons shinjuku washington hotel

Tokyo is one of the most popular cities to visit in Japan. There are plenty of things to do in Tokyo such as visiting Disneyland or Disneysea, eating, shopping and experiencing the Japanese culture. When it comes to booking a hotel to stay in Tokyo, it is always a hard decision. There are over hundreds of hotels available in Tokyo and which is the best place to stay? From our traveling experiences in Tokyo, Shinjuku is always the preferred choice to stay and Shinjuku Washington Hotel is one of ideal hotels to stay. This is why we shared our 14 reasons to stay in Shinjuku Washington Hotel.

14 Reasons To Stay in Shinjuku Washington Hotel

1. The Location: Shinjuku

There are many popular places to stay in Tokyo such as Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara and more but when it comes to the total experience, we always prefer Shinjuku. Shinjuku offers almost everything in terms of shopping, dining, sight seeing, nature and more.

The Shinjuku Washington Hotel is next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Shinjuku Chuo Park and close to many restaurants and places of interest in Shinjuku.

2. Direct Bus Transfer from Airport

For those who travelled to Japan on their own, they know that it is always a nuisance to travel to their hotels. You might end up taking multiple busses or trains to your hotel and that will cost your travel time in Japan.

shinjuku washington hotel airport shuttle bus ticket

The beauty of Shinjuku Washington Hotel is there direct bus transfer from the airport. The Narita International Airport and Haneda International Airport offer direct bus transfer to Shinjuku Washington Hotel.

On top of that, you can also book your bus transfer back to the airport (either Haneda International Airport or Narita International Airport).

shinjuku washington hotel airport shuttle bus

There will be a small fee for the bus transfer and it is 3,100 Yen from Narita International Airport to the hotel (one way) with 90 minutes journey. The bus stop is in front of the hotel.

3.  8 Minutes Walk From Shinjuku JR Station

What if you are not flying in Tokyo and taking a train from other cities in Japan? The good news is Shinjuku Washington Hotel is 8 minutes walk from Shinjuku JR Station.

shinjuku washington hotel jr station

Most travellers travel around Japan with JR Pass and you can stop at Shinjuku JR Station, take the underground passage direct to the Lower Ground of Shinjuku Washington Hotel .

shinjuku washington hotel tunnel

Whether it is rain or shine, you can walk peacefully and safely using the underground passage direct to the hotel. They are the only hotel in Shinjuku that offers direct underground passage to Shinjuku JR Station.

4. The Hotel Offers Many Rooms

The Shinjuku Washington Hotel is built in 1983 but it has refurbished recently. The hotel offers over 1,200 rooms over 25 floors.

shinjuku washington hotel overview

Why do you book at the hotel with so many rooms? If you are planning in a group, it is ideal to book a hotel with many rooms. Even if you are a solo or couple travellers, we always advise you book to stay in bigger hotels as the facilities are usually better than smaller hotels.

5. International Front Desk

This is another reason to stay with Shinjuku Washington Hotel . They are probably the only one hotel we stayed in Japan that offers the International Front Desk.

shinjuku washington hotel foreign visitor desk

This is a dedicated front desk with front desk officers that can speak multi languages including Chinese and English. This is good so you don’t have issues in lost of translation.

6. Three Room Types

The Shinjuku Washington Hotel offers three room types and they are Single Room, Double Room and Triple Room.

shinjuku washington hotel solo bed

For single or solo travellers, the Single Room comes with a Queen Size bed with Flat Screen TV, working desk, Universal Power Point, USB Charging point. You don’t even need to bring a travel adaptor if you stay in this hotel.

shinjuku washington hotel room phone

For the room service, you can speak to the International desk so again you don’t have to worry about lost in translation.

shinjuku washington hotel bathroom

This is their standard bathroom with bidet toilet, hot water shower with bathtub and basin with toilet amenities.

shinjuku washington hotel humidifier

There is also a humidifier if you need one. All of these is in the room.

shinjuku washington hotel electric kettle

There is also complimentary mineral water bottle, coffee and tea in the drawer.

shinjuku washington hotel solo room close up

This is the how the Single Room looks like and it is pretty comfortable for solo traveller. There are also disposable sandals and bathrobes available in the room.

shinjuku washington hotel 2 bed room

This is the double room and it is good for 4 pax or a family of four. Kids stay free in Shinjuku Washington Hotel . The room amenities are the same with additional towels and bathrobes.

shinjuku washington hotel 3 bed room

This is the Triple Room and it can easily fit 4 pax and above. This is good if you are planning to travel in a group or with family.

There are three room types that offers all types of guests and travellers.

7. Breakfast Options

The breakfast in Shinjuku Washington Hotel is probably the best in town. They have 4 restaurants that offer 4 different types of breakfast! Talk about choices and you get to dine at different restaurants every morning.

We went to two restaurants during our three days stay and they are:

Manhattan Table 25th Floor

shinjuku washington hotel manhattan table

The Manhattan Table is located on the 25th floor and they offer Western Style Buffet breakfast and this is the view in the restaurant. The building is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building that offers aerial view of Shinjuku and Tokyo for free. What you can find in this restaurant is many options of Western Food and the food here is very fresh and tasty.

shinjuku washington hotel breakfast

Fujita Japanese Restaurant – Japanese Style Buffet

shinjuku washington hotel japanese breakfast

This is a Japanese style breakfast and this reminds us of our homestay in Japan.

shinjuku washington hotel sukiyaki

What is interesting for this breakfast is the sukiyaki. They offer beef sukiyaki for their breakfast.

8. Robot Room Service

One of the highlights in staying at Shinjuku Washington Hotel is the Robot Room Service.

shinjuku washington hotel robot

You need to call the room service to book the robot early. The robot is a popular figure in the hotel and it is on high demand. You can request the robot to deliver items like mineral water, towels and more. This is pretty cool stuff and you are welcome to take photos with this robot.

9. Shops and restaurants inside the hotel

Do you know that there are shops and restaurants in the hotel. The first few levels of the hotel looks like a mini shopping mall.

shinjuku washington hotel family mart

There is a Family Mart in the hotel so you don’t need to walk out of the hotel. It is just in front of the lift so you can come down and get your supper anytime you want!

shinjuku washington hotel pharmacy

There is also a pharmacy shop and they always offer discounts for their products. The staffs here can speak English and they offer good value products.

shinjuku washington hotel zaouo

This is Zauou Fishing Restaurant and one of the few restaurants in the hotel. Zauou is a popular Japanese restaurant in Tokyo that offers customers the fishing experience.

shinjuku washington hotel zaouo fishing restaurant

We dined here for dinner and we had fun. We were lucky enough to fish a big fish for our dinner. That is a huge Flounder fish!

10. High Speed WIFI Internet

One of the best reasons staying in Shinjuku Washington Hotel is the High Speed WIFI Internet. When you stay here, you will have complimentary access to their High Speed WIFI Internet.

11. Laundry Services

shinjuku washington hotel laundry

The Shinjuku Washington Hotel offers coin laundry services facilities for their guests. You can use the hotel card to access to the laundry room. If you want to wash your clothes during a long stay in Tokyo, this is really convenient for the guests.

12. Fast Check Out Option

shinjuku washington hotel check out machine

We stayed in many different hotels and checking out sometimes can be troublesome. At Shinjuku Washington Hotel, they offer these check out machines and you just need to insert your room keycard and they will settle the rest (if you prepaid the room). This is a quick way for the hotel guests to check out fast.

13. The Service Is Good

When it comes to service, you have no complains at Shinjuku Washington Hotel . The staffs here are friendly and courteous.

They are extremely helpful as we were trying to ask for directions or information on how to go to certain places near the hotel.

shinjuku washington hotel information

When we book our shuttle bus to the airport, the service desk staffs were informative and helpful and that brings a lot of smiles for guests like us.

14. Affordable Rates

Shinjuku Washington Hotel is a 3.5 Star Hotel. For their strategic location and facilities, their rates are affordable compare to other similar hotels in Shinjuku.

shinjuku washington hotel lobby

You probably find many popular hotel booking websites offering good deals for Shinjuku Washington Hotel but the best deals is to book on their official website at visit

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