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Bangkok Hotel Responded on Malaysian US$7000 Ring Allegedly Stolen

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Bangkok Hotel Responded on Malaysian US$7000 Ring Allegedly Stolen

A Malaysian lady, Celine Tan shared her experiences on her Facebook posting yesterday claiming her US$7000 diamond ring was allegedly stolen by the hotel staff in Bangkok.

This is what she posted on her Facebook posting with video.

THIS IS MY 1ST BAD EXPERIENCE WITH LOFT BANGKOK HOTEL. On 9/6/2019 I checked in loft Bangkok hotel, 10/6/2019 I lost my belongings in hotel room, check cctv it was stolen by hotel staff. We have made police report with hotel person in charge. Therefore hotel promised will take full responsibility of my lost. However until today hotel person in charge ignored. I wasted my holiday and lost my diomand ring worth USD7000. Call Agoda also couldnt help. I feel so sad.

In the video, they apprehended the hotel staff and asking her to admit that she steals the ring. Can be heard is possibly hotel management staffs translating the words to the hotel staff.

The Malaysians lodge a police report and claimed that person in charge of the hotel ignored their pleas.

Five hours ago, the hotel responded with the official statement on their Facebook Page.

June 19, 2019

Dear Customers,

According to the guests that the ring has a high value was missing. Our hotel has safety box to store valuables, the guest said that the ring was located outside the safety box which the hotel has a notice in every room to know that high value items should be keep in the safety box which we have provided.

In this case, the staff need to clean the room as her normal duty and there is no sign in the front of the room, do not disturbed. Then the guests report that they lost their things. The hotel informed the police to proceed with the investigation immediately and there is no evidence that the employee stole which the police and the Malaysian embassy knew that it was not the fault of the hotel. The hotel also shows responsibility for wasting time to travel to the police station including letting the employee be out of work In spite of no evidence of such offense The hotel does its best and shows full responsibility.

The hotel has evidence to show responsibility and has a high security system that has been praised by the government.

Sincerely Yours,

Loft Bangkok Hotel

Let us share our experiences. My mother lost her valuables in a hotel in Paris many years ago and it was handbag with credit card, cash and passports. She thought the hotel was a safe place but it is not especially in Paris.

Thus, we hear many horror stories on thefts in hotels around the world. Up to today, we are aware of this issue and we always carry high value and important items with us. Hence, we always feel that ‘why do you want to risk it?’ to expose your valuables unattended in the hotel room. At least put it in the safety box, so there is a level of security and always put the ‘Do not disturb’ sign.

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