February 9, 2023

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After You Dessert Café New Boba Milk Tea Series

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After You Dessert Café New Boba Milk Tea Series

The boba milk tea craze in Malaysia and Singapore spills over to Thailand. After You Dessert Café in Thailand introduces new Boba Milk Tea series with two flavours, Boba Hojicha Soy Latte and Boba Caramel Cream Tea.

We were at After You Dessert Café in Pattaya a few weeks ago and we spotted the new two boba drinks and we ordered the Boba Caramel Cream Tea. It is priced at THB 125 which is around RM 15.

We are not a huge fan of Boba milk tea but since it is from After You Dessert Café, this is something we must try.

The Boba Caramel Cream Tea comes with strong flavour of the tea, hints of the caramel and it is not sweet. We didn’t get the sugar rush from our first sip. Their version of Boba is different from the rest and the texture similar to grass jelly than the usual soft black pearl texture. Maybe the owner, May invented their own black pearl instead of the usual ones from Taiwan.

We find the After You Dessert Boba Caramel Cream Tea enjoyable as it is not too sweet and it comes with strong tea flavour. We didn’t taste the Boba Hojicha Soy Latte though.

This is a quick review or sharing of After You Dessert Café New Boba Milk Tea Series. Check out our latest posting from Thailand. Thanks for reading.

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