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Loba Bang Niao Phuket Michelin Plate

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Loba Bang Niao Phuket Michelin Plate

loba bang niao

This is probably one of the most unique food we found in Phuket and yet one of the hardest to find. Loba Bang Niao is a local food that is very familiar to Malaysians and Singaporeans. This is ‘lobak’ or deep fried meat rolls but their version is different. Loba Bang Niao in Phuket Town is listed as Michelin Plate in The Michelin Guide Thailand 2019. Their Thai name is ร้านโลบะบางเหนียว(สูตรดั้งเดิม)

Loba Bang Niao is the one of the 15 restaurants and street food listed in Michelin Guide Thailand 2019. This is our fifth restaurant review and there will be 10 restaurants review coming soon. You can check out the full list of restaurants in our special dedicated page at https://www.placesandfoods.com/themichelinguidethailand

loba bang niao phuket

Loba Bang Niao started operating since 1974 from food stall and they moved in to their own restaurant. The restaurant is located inside the housing area and you can use the Google Map using this link https://goo.gl/maps/Nc9LNCq3jjHn7T1VA. The tried using the address listed in The Michelin Guide Thailand but we found another stall. One local directed us to the actual restaurant.

phuket loba bang niao food

Loba or ‘lobak’ is usually five different deep fried meat rolls, some added more items like sausages and century eggs especially in places like Penang and Singapore. Strangely, the Phuket version offers grounded pork and shrimp wrapped with tofu skin, deep fried prawn fritter (similar our ‘cucur udang’), fried pork, pork intestines, pork liver, pork ear and pork meat with chili sauce and crunched peanuts.

phuket loba bang niao set

The chef will deep fry the food you ordered to make it crispy so the food arrived in piping hot. Let the food cool down before you start to eat it. Everything is crispy especially the pork intestines.

If you are big fan of lobak and pork ‘spare parts’ you will enjoy this. The food complements well with the chili sauce with hints of crunchy texture from the nuts.

phuket loba bang niao michelin plate

Take a look at the picture and look at the size of the prawn, you can always order a few more pieces.

The loba is priced at THB 100 per plate and we find it quite reasonable. Their version of loba is crispy, tasty and greasy as usual. If you are looking for some unique food to try in Phuket Town, do check out this Loba Bang Niao.

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phuket loba bang niao michelin

Everyone thinks that the food listed under The Michelin Guide must be expensive and that is the reason why we blog about unique street food that you are not aware of. We have been to Thailand so many times and this is our first time tasting this loba. Since loba is popular in Penang and Singapore, we feel that the owner of Loba Bang Niao might be Sino Thai of Hokkien descendant? The food we had is only THB 100 and this is a must visit if you are a lobak lover.

ร้านโลบะบางเหนียว(สูตรดั้งเดิม) Address:

18 61 ถนน แม่หลวน ตำบล วิชิต เมือง ภูเก็ต 83000

V9QJ+HJ Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand

Phone: +66 76 234 693

Open now:  11am–6pm

Google Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/Nc9LNCq3jjHn7T1VA

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