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New E-Hailing Pick Up Points in KLIA and KLIA 2

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New E-Hailing Pick Up Points in KLIA and KLIA 2

new ehailing pick up points

Just to let everyone know that there will be new E-Hailing Pick Up Points in KLIA and KLIA 2 as it is just announced by Malaysia Airports. E-Hailing means Grab, MyCar or other similar e-hailing service providers. This new e-hailing pick up points starts from 1 July 2019 for KLIA2 and 1 August 2019 for KLIA.

Malaysia Airports has now allocated designated e-hailing pick-up points at KL International Airport (IATA Code: KUL) for the comfort and convenience of its passengers. Passengers and drivers are to take note of pick-up points at the following locations; for KLIA Main Terminal, it will be at Gate 3 & 4, Level 1 beginning 1 August 2019 whereas for klia2, the location is at the Transportation Hub, Level 1, gateway@klia2 which has been operational since 1 July 2019.

 New E-Hailing Pick Up Points in KLIA: Level 1, Gate 3 & 4

New E-Hailing Pick Up Points in KLIA 2: Transportation Hub, Level 1

According to Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin, group chief executive officer of Malaysia Airports, the initiative to provide the designated e-hailing pick-up points at the airports was in line with the organisation’s bid to become a caring host, putting passenger comfort and convenience a top priority for a seamless traveling experience. He said, “We are more than pleased to provide these dedicated waiting areas for the benefit of our passengers. We have seen a drastic increase in e-hailing rides in the country since it was first introduced to the Malaysian market and we cannot deny how technology and smart mobile applications have also contributed to the emergence of more options of e-hailing providers for the public. In fact, after this, we also intend to provide a free waiting area for the e-hailing drivers so that they too would also have a pleasant experience.”

Raja Azmi went on to say that these dedicated pick-up points for e-hailing rides are important and timely. He said, “We hope to see our passengers relaxing on the comfortable seats after a long and hectic flight, while waiting for their ride. We all know how tiring one can get after getting off a flight, so this initiative will serve our passengers well.”

The pick-up points are actually non-waiting areas and drivers will only have a maximum time of 5 minutes when picking up the passengers. This is to reduce the congestion that may affect the e-hailing flow in picking up the passengers. It is also important for passengers to know that the e-hailing cars will bear a car sticker for easy identification. Cars that don’t bear the sticker will not be allowed to into the designated areas.

For passengers who will be heading to the airport via e-hailing, you will be dropped off at the normal departure entrance. There are no designated drop-off points for these e-hailing rides on both Level 5 of KLIA Main Terminal and Level 3 of klia2.

Please take note on the changes and do communicate with your E-Hailing driver on your pick up destination. Please follow the rules as the e-hailing drivers could be fine if they pick up passengers in other areas. We hope this article will help you on when you book an e-hailing service (Grab or others) in KLIA or KLIA 2.

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