October 25, 2021

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Maruya Honten Nagoya Station

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Maruya Honten Nagoya Station

maruya honten

What to eat in Nagoya Japan? How about Hitsumabushi? Hitsumabushi is grilled eel or unagi and it is originated from Nagoya. There are many restaurants in Nagoya offering Hitsumabushi and one of the best is at Maruya Honten. They have a few outlets and one located inside Nagoya Station.

We did many research on Hitsumabushi and we decided to try it at Maruya Honten Nagoya Station as it is near our Airbnb and easy to find. It is open for dinner and luckily we went there early to beat the crowd. They are open for lunches and dinners.

maruya honten nagoya menu

The Hitsumabushi unagi is not cheap. We posted the pictures of the menu so you can see for yourself.

maruya honten nagoya menu english

We ordered the one whole Hitsumabushi unagi set for 3,550 Yen (RM 135) for both of us. To be honest it is better to order more as it is really good.

maruya honten nagoya unagi

The set comes with Hitsumabushi unagi on top of the rice. Then, you need to add the Yakumi (condiments) such as spring onion and the dried seaweed. You mix everything together before you eat it.

maruya honten nagoya Hitsumabushi

If you watched the video, we actually did a mistake without adding the broth. Some locals love to add wasabi into the bowl of rice too.

maruya honten bowl rice

We have tasted many unagi but this Hitsumabushi is something unique. The skin part of the unagi is crispy and it offers the crunchy texture, something you don’t get with regular unagi. For the taste, the unagi is flavourful and you get different flavours from the Yakumi and wasabi.

maruya honten places and foods

We love Hitsumabushi unagi at Maruya Honten. It might be pricey but it is worth it. Now, we understand why the locals are willing to queue for Hitsumabushi unagi. It is simply delicious and memorable. To be honest, we don’t mind coming back to Maruya Honten again for Hitsumabushi unagi in the future.

maruya honten nagoya station

Maruya Honten Address and Phone:

1 Chome-1-4 Meieki, Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002, Japan

Phone: +81 50-3468-6314

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