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Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake Review

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Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake Review

shiseido cheese parlour cheesecake

Have you heard of Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake? Well know Shiseido is a popular Japanese beauty brand but before that it was a pharmacy! We understand that the head pharmacist discovered the novelty of soda fountains and ice cream on a visit to US and Europe. In 1902, the first soda fountain in the pharmacy is installed and turned into Shiseido Parlour restaurant. This is the first Shiseido Parlour in Ginza Tokyo and they sell high end Western style food and confectionaries until today.

shiseido cheese parlour cheesecake 6 pcs

We first discovered Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake when we received it as a gift from Japanese client as we were blogging for Fun Japan x Ho Chak series two years ago.

shiseido cheese parlour cheesecake size

The Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake is made from wheat flour from Hokkaido and then wrapped in Danish cream cheese and baked.

Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake is price at 3 pcs is 918 Yen (RM 35), 6 pieces is 1836 Yen (RM 70) and 12 pieces is 3564 Yen (RM 135). It is individually wrapped and the size is bite size.

shiseido cheese parlour cheesecake danish

Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake is around 306 Yen or RM 12 per piece. You have to taste it slowly and delicately.

The cheese cake is soft on the outer layer with the filling of the Danish cream cheese. The texture is soft while the taste of the cheese is enjoyable.

shiseido parlour tokyo shop nagoya station

Shiseido Parlour Cheese is not cheap but something you might want to taste at least once in your lifetime. Shiseido Parlour Cheese Cake can be found in Tokyo and we found it in Nagoya and probably in tax free shops in Tokyo Airport. Shiseido Parlour also offer other snacks such as Cheese Cake Strawberry and Brandy Cake. For more info, visit https://parlour.shiseido.co.jp/en/

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