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Ho Chak! In Japan New TV Series on 8TV

For the first time in Ho Chak! TV Series, the entire season is filmed in Japan and Malaysia. This new Ho Chak! in Japan series will be focusing in promoting destinations in Japan and also the cuisines from these places. Ho Chak! in Japan will have 10 episodes and will be aired on Malaysia free-on-air TV 8TV. Hosts Gary and Orange will be promoting the food and destinations in Japan.

hochak in japan

We will be featuring every episode of Ho Chak! In Japan as part of our collaboration with Fun Japan. We covered the filming of Ho Chak! In Japan filming in 10 food places in Malaysia and also some of the exclusive behind the scenes pictures and videos.

The following are the schedule of 10 episodes of Ho Chak! In Japan New TV Series.

Ep. Date Place Food Restaurant
1 5/11/17 Sapporo Shichiribin Hamasho
2 12/11/17 Sapporo Yakitori Chitose
3 19/11/17 ??? Ramen Bari-Uma
4 26/11/17 Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Saryo Kyoto
5 3/12/17 Fukuoka Motsunabe Fukuda
6 10/12/17 Fukuoka Mizutaki Toriden
7 17/12/17 Beppu Tempura Hageten
8 24/12/17 Okayama Dessert Tokyo Restaurant
9 31/12/17 Japan Sushi Sushi Oribe
10 7/1/18 Osaka Kyo-Kaiseki Ambassador Residence

The new Ho Chak! In Japan TV series will be on 8TV 6pm every Sunday 6 pm from 5th Nov 2017 to 7th January 2018.

sapporo day 1
Gary and Orange in Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan!

We won’t be in the Ho Chak! in Japan TV series but we have tons of behind the scenes photos and videos as well as our own reviews with Gary and Orange.

This collaboration with Ho Chak! In Japan thanks to Fun Japan, for more info visit their website at https://malaysia.fun-japan.jp/ 

Our reviews with Ho Chak! in Japan Team:

Episode 1: Ho Chak! in Japan Hamasho Japanese Restaurant


0 thoughts on “Ho Chak! In Japan New TV Series on 8TV

  1. Good concept for a food and destination introductory program however the choice of hosts leaves much to be desired.
    Gary is always too much over the top with his comments on his food tasting.
    As for Orange, it’s really ridiculous to have a host who has limits to what she can eat! Whilst I respect the fact that she cannot eat beef, never have I seen a food show host having a limitation on their food!

    A good food show host MUST be able to eat everything and anything, as that would give the audience a more comprehensive coverage of a country, culture and especially their food. So it’s ironic that Orange doesn’t eat beef and Gary doesn’t eat perilla.
    Recommend that the Ho Chak Japan finds and uses host who would eat anything without taboo.

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