January 31, 2023

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AirAsia X Set To Fly from KLIA2 to Narita Japan This November

AirAsia set to announce the new flight from KLIA2 to Tokyo tomorrow as announced on their Facebook Page. Since AirAsia X is flying to Tokyo Haneda right now so the other Tokyo airport should be Narita International Airport. AirAsia X flew to Narita International Airport a couple of years ago before they suspended the route. It is glad to see AirAsia X returning to Tokyo Narita Airport.

We flew with AirAsia X to Narita International Airport four years ago for a media trip to Akita and that was my first trip to Tokyo and it was fun.

We did a random search on AirAsia website and it looks like the KLIA 2 to Narita International Airport flights will start from 20 November 2019 pending approvals.

The AirAsia X KLIA 2 to Tokyo Narita International Flight will be seven hours and it will be a midnight flight and reach Japan 8.15 am.

On the return flight, it will be 9.30 am flight and reach KLIA 2 around 3 pm. You need to stay near Narita if you plan to take this flight back to Malaysia as the check in time is 7.30 am and you need at least an hour travel from Tokyo city to the airport.

You can consider flying on this flight as you will reach Narita International Airport in the morning and you can option flying back to Malaysia via Haneda International Airport for the night flight. This will maximise your trip to Tokyo Japan.

It is a good timing to introduce this route as Tokyo Olympics 2020 is coming and there is an additional option for Malaysian travelers to Tokyo. Now, we just need to sit back and wait till AirAsia to announce this officially! For more info, visit AirAsia.com

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