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DurianBB Park Kuala Lumpur Durian Wafer Review

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DurianBB Park Kuala Lumpur Durian Wafer Review

durian bb park durian wafer

Last year, DurianBB Park opens its doors at Imbi in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur. It is just minutes off the shopping arcade in Bukit Bintang and dozens of hotels in the city. DurianBB Park offers a relaxing and comfortable place for locals and tourists to enjoy local durians. They offer many popular local durians such as Musang King, D24, D101, Red Prawn, XO and even the Black Thorn. On top of that, they also offer many durian products such as Durian Coffee, Durian Roll, Durian Ice Cream and Durian Wafer. This is their new Durian Wafer with improved formula.

Before we start to talk about the new DurianBB Durian Wafer, check out the Black Thorn durian we had at DurianBB Park. This is still the most expensive durian in Malaysia right now due to its limited supply. Some say Black Thorn durian taste better than Musang King but we prefer both of them. We let you decide on this.

For the DurianBB Durian Wafer, it comes with a striking and beautiful yellow packaging. Once you open the packaging, you can reseal it again easily making this easy to store and good for souvenir too.

durian bb park durian wafer

The DurianBB Durian Wafer is bite size, crunchy on the outside and it is creamy on the inside. When you open the pack, you can smell the aroma of the durian. Since it is bite size, our boys loved it. We were told that durian flesh is used to make the filling of the wafer.

durian bb park durian wafer bitesize

The DurianBB Durian Wafer is easy to keep and good for souvenir. Recently, we bought the DurianBB Durian Wafer as souvenirs to our Japanese friends.

You can visit DurianBB Park to purchase the DurianBB Durian Wafer or order it online from their official website at

durian bb park

Don’t forget to order their Durian Platter if you plan to visit DurianBB Park to understand the different taste of Malaysia durians!

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