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Get 31% Off With MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA on GrabFood

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Get 31% Off With MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA on GrabFood

Did you miss the good food during the long weekend? Don’t miss it! Celebrate this Hari Malaysia with GrabFood’s 31% OFF discount  campaign MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA. Yes, get 31% OFF from GrabFood. 

grab 31

Simply use promo code HOTDEALS to enjoy this offer if you are within the Klang Valley, or use promo code HOTDEALS31 if you are in other cities like Malacca, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. 

Click on the Food Category “#HOTDEALS: 31% OFF” on GrabFood to see a list of participating merchants near you for this campaign. The GrabFood’s MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA is available until this  6th October 2019.

GrabFood started in the Klang Valley and expanded to five other cities namely Johor Bahru, Malacca, Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Make sure you download the Grab app and click on the “Food” tile to check the availability of GrabFood in your area.

There are over 100 merchants participating in MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA campaign with GrabFood. 

The following are the 12 Merchants you must order from during MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA:

1 YellowBrickRoad / Wizards At Tribeca/ The Red Beanbag


They are very popular with their breakfast and brunch menu. Their outlets can be busy and that is the reason why you should relax and let GrabFood deliver to your doorsteps.

2 Village Park Restaurant


Many claims that Village Park’s nasi lemak is the best in KL and probably in Malaysia too. Their version of nasi lemak comes with crispy fried chicken with loads of sambal. Some of their regular customers include our prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir!

3 A&W 

grab aw

A&W is the first fast food chain in Malaysia! They recently changed management and changed their menu too. You must order their A&W RB drink, burgers and juicy fried chicken.

4 KGB Burger

grab kgb

KGB Burger has been named as one of the top burger joints in ASIA! Their signature burgers are a must order when you order from KGB burger.

5 Marrybrown (Malaysian fast food chain)

grab marrybrown

Marrybrown offers many local delights on top of their usual fried chicken. However, If you are craving for fried chicken, you can order from MarryBrown! Support our local Malaysian brand!

6 myBurgerLab + myPizzaLab 

grab myburgerlab
The nasi lemak burger exclusively for GrabFood

myBurgerLab popularised the charcoal bun burger many years ago and now they have come up with a new brand which offers Pizzas! For this Hari Kebangsaan, you can order their Nasi Lemak Burger from MyBurgerLab and the delicious Apam Baling Balik Pizza from myPizzaLab!

7 Old Klang Road Hokkien Mee [Non HALAL]

Hokkien mee
Image via JC Wuuhuu

Craving for some Hokkien Mee? Order the sweet and savoury KL version Hokkien Mee from Old Klang Road Hokkien Mee. 

8 Hawker Hall

hawker hall
Image via https://www.facebook.com/hawkerhallmy

Hawker Hall is a popular modern Malaysian Kopitiam in Taman Sri Hartamas. Order some of their popular Kopitiam food with GrabFood such as fried kuey teow, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice and many more.

9 Secret Recipe (Born and bred in Malaysia)

grab secret recipe

The story of a local cake house winning the regional cheesecake contest turned Secret Recipe to a household name in Malaysia. If you are craving for dessert and cheesecake, just order Secret Recipe from GrabFood. Their cheesecakes are really delicious.

10 San Francisco Coffee (Malaysian brand, with great coffee)

grab sanfranciso coffee

We never knew that San Francisco Coffee is a Malaysian brand café. However, it is never too late to order a good cuppa from San Francisco Coffee on GrabFood..

11 Inside Scoop

grab inside scoop

Our very own ice cream shop, Inside Scoop. This is the place where you can get many unique Malaysian Ice Cream Flavours and more. Their Durian 24 is a must to order! They also offer many other flavours such as Valrhona Chocolate, Green Tea, Rocher to name a few.

12 The Chicken Rice Shop

grab chicken rice shop

Lastly, it is none other than The Chicken Rice Shop. Check out the popular chicken rice, BBQ chicken and their snack, crispy Pai Tee too! The Chicken Rice Shop is a HALAL certified restaurant and you can order their delicious chicken rice with GrabFood.

How do you get 31% Off with GrabFood’s MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA?

Klang Valley Users: 31% OFF with promo code HOTDEALS (up to RM31

discount, a minimum spend of RM25 is required) up to 8 usages from selected

merchants under the #MakanMakanMalaysia: 31% OFF category on GrabFood.

Outer Klang Valley Users (Melaka, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kota

Kinabalu): 31% OFF with promo code HOTDEALS31 (up to RM31 discount, a minimum spend of RM25 is required) up to 8 usages valid on all merchants in these outer cities with GrabFood.

Remember, The GrabFood’s MAKAN MAKAN MALAYSIA is available until this  6th October 2019 only. So, start ordering your favourites today! 

grabfood malaysia

If you have never ordered food using GrabFood before, it is time for you to download the Grab app from Google Play Store or Apple IOS Store. Selamat Hari Malaysia everyone. Kita bangga menjadi anak Malaysia.

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