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Sunway Medical Centre Health Screening Review

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Sunway Medical Centre Health Screening Review

sunway hospital wellness centre

When was the last time you had your health screening (or body check up)? Have you ever been one or you are simply to busy to do check up or you are too young for one? The last time we had the health screening was three years ago and we did our recent health screening at Sunway Medical Centre (or Sunway Hospital).

How did we do our health screening in the past? You probably been to one of the blood check-up centres or visit a clinic to get your blood sample to send to the lab and then you have to come back a couple of days later for the doctor to review your report. In short, you need to visit them twice and that takes lots of our precious time. Imagine taking leaves from work for that and why not do it in Sunway Medical Centre for half day? That is how long we spent for our health screening at Sunway Medical Centre.

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Why Sunway Medical Centre?

Sunway Medical Centre is one of the largest healthcare group in Malaysia. It is a reputable medical centre and brand that also include retail, construction, property and others. On top of health screening, our boy is delivered in Sunway Medical Centre too as the doctor was recommended by our friends.

sunway hospital wellness centre health screening

Which Package to Choose?

Sunway Medical Centre offered various packages depending on your age group and it is all listed at https://www.sunwaymedical.com/wellness-centre/. Please take note that the men and women health screening package rates are different as there are more test for the ladies. You can also add on additional tests onto the package you choose. For example, ladies can also do their Pap Smear or Pap Test on top of their wellness package.

sunway hospital wellness centre ultrasound

How Long It Takes for Health Screening?

You need to make an appointment and we went for our health screening in the morning with fasting. Did our relevant tests that includes blood test, X-Ray, ultrasound and urine test and we received our report at lunch time. In short, you just need to take half day leave for the health screening at Sunway Medical Centre. The report will be reviewed by doctors and there are snacks, drinks and free voucher for your lunch.

Do we really need our Health Screening?

For the past few years, there are number of my friends passed on due to many various reasons and medical condition is one of them. Some of the medical conditions could be prevented if they did their health screening regularly. Most of us have this mindset of visiting the medical centre once our body is broken down. Well, that might be too late.

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I did my health screening for every couple of years and with my age catching up, I know I need to do my health screening every year. This year, we decided to do our health screening at Sunway Medical Centre.

I had my surprises for this health screening. On top of the usual borderline scores on cholesterol and uric acid level, my sugar level is off the chart and I had a little stone in my kidney. These are new unpleasant surprises I get during this health screening and I will try to fix it soon.

sunway medical centre wellness centre

The kidney stone is revealed using the ultrasound machine while the rest are from the blood test. This is the main reason why you should visit a proper medical centre for health screening rather just checking your blood in clinics. We know some clinic offers X-ray and ultrasound and it could be more expensive than the health screening package in Sunway Medical Centre.

The health screening packages prices in most medical centres are similar, the prices are competitive and what is important is the service and the reputation. Let’s be honest, everyone is lazy to get their health screening as it takes long time so you just want to get it done fast and professionally. Thus, you need to take half day leave for the health screening except something nasty came up from your report. On top of that, there are ample of parking spaces at Sunway Medical Centre.

Sometimes we do not know what is happening inside our body. If the body starts to show signals, it could be too late. Like we mentioned earlier, we have friends from young to old pass on due to medical symptoms. Whether you are healthy, young or old, go for health screening to check.

Prevention is better than cure. We did our health screening this year and have you done yours? If you have not, please take a look at https://www.sunwaymedical.com/wellness-centre/. Please do visit their website for the health screening packages and make an appointment now.

sunway medical centre velocity

Please take not that Sunway Medical Velocity is open for business and it is located next to Sunway Velocity Mall. This is a new medical centre in Cheras Kuala Lumpur and do check out this medical centre if you are staying in Cheras or in Kuala Lumpur.

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