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Fuli Hot Spring Resort 馥麗溫泉大飯店

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Fuli Hot Spring Resort 馥麗溫泉大飯店

fuli hot spring
Fuli Hot Spring Resort Taiwan

We have not been blogging about Taiwan and time to share our stay on our last trip to Sun Moon Lake, Nantou County. This is one of the few hot spring resorts we visited during that trip which include Chuan Tang Spring Spa Hotel in Yilan ( 礁溪川湯春天溫泉飯店).

fuli hot spring taiwan nantou
Fuli Hot Spring Resort Taiwan

This was our first time visiting Sun Moon Lake and this place is beautiful. The reason we stay at Fuli Hot Spring Resort as it offers the view of the Sun Moon Lake and their hot spring facilities. If you are hot spring or ‘onsen’ lovers like us, Taiwan is a good alternative country to visit that offers similar services and facilities.

fuli hot spring taiwan room
Fuli Hot Spring Resort Taiwan King Size Deluxe Room

Fuli Hot Spring Resort is hidden from the main road and surrounded by forest. They offer two modern buildings and external hot spring facilities for non-hotel guests which include public hot spring and private hot spring.

Fuli Hot Spring Resort offers rooms with private hot spring bathtub. We stayed in their King Size Bed Deluxe Room and the room is huge. Huge rooms like this is ideal for couple or family.

fuli hot spring taiwan room TV
Flat Screen TV, Working Desk and Free WIFI

Look at the size of that flat screen TV and that working desk. We always travel with our laptop so we love huge tables like this.

fuli hot spring room bathtub
Bathtub with hot spring water

The bathroom is a must mention. You can easily notice the huge bathtub that probably fits a couple or more. You can enjoy the hot spring water at your own sweet time in the room. You have your privacy and time and you can dip into the hot spring water whenever you desire too.

Please take note that all rooms come with complimentary WIFI and if you are not staying in hotel, you still can pay for the hot spring facilities for public.

fuli hot spring taiwan room public pool
Swimming pool with jacuzzi

If you love to swim and chill, you should also check out their swimming pool. The hotel is hidden from the city and surrounded with forest so you can really enjoy your time at the pool here at Fuli Hot Spring Resort.

fuli hot spring taiwan outdoor pool
Outdoor pools

On top of that, breakfast is complimentary and other amenities include two restaurants, one bar, one spa with 10 private hot spring bathhouses plus stone and aroma therapies.

fuli hot spring taiwan kids room
Kids’ playground and room

There is also a gym, karaoke rooms and kids’ playground. Not forgetting they offer parking spaces for self drive travellers.

fuli hot spring taiwan view
Sunset view of Sun Moon Lake

Fuli Hot Spring is next to the start of the Megu Mountain Trail, 6 minutes’ walk from Longfeng Temple and 25 km from the Jiji train station.

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