May 31, 2023

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Singapore Ranked as World’s Best City For Street Food

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Singapore Ranked as World’s Best City For Street Food

You are reading this right, Singapore Ranked as World’s Best City For Street Food. According to CEOWORLD Magazine, Singapore has been recognised as the world’s best city for food-obsessed travellers in 2019.

CEOWORLD magazine has ranked 50 cities from around the world to reveal the best cities for street food-obsessed travellers. The data come from an annual survey of 92,000 business travellers and 1,400 corporate travel agents in 86 countries commissioned by the CEOWORLD magazine. The study was conducted over three months from July 18 – September 19, 2019.

The top three cities are Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong while Malaysia is not even in the list. Some of the interesting cities include Dubai (we went there recently, hardly find street food there), Bali (instead of other cities in Indonesia) and other cities that hardly offer street food.

The following is the CEO Magazine World’s Top 50 Cities for Street Food selected by Travellers.

Position City Country
1 Singapore Singapore
2 Bangkok Thailand
3 Hong Kong Hong Kong
4 Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
5 Mumbai India
6 Rome Italy
7 Tel Aviv Israel
8 Sydney Australia
9 Mexico City Mexico
10 Portland US
11 Dubai UAE
12 Chicago US
13 Seoul South Korea
14 Berlin Germany
15 Paris France
16 Istanbul Turkey
17 Los Angeles US
18 Palermo Italy
19 Tokyo Japan
20 New Orleans US
21 Cartagena Colombia
22 Port Louis Mauritius
23 Honolulu US
24 San Francisco US
25 Taipei Taiwan
26 Marrakech Morocco
27 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
28 New York US
29 Austin US
30 Durban South Africa
31 Kingston Jamaica
32 San Juan Puerto Rico
33 Rome Italy
34 Havana Cuba
35 Fukuoka Japan
36 Amman Jordan
37 Bogota Colombia
38 Osaka Japan
39 Budapest Hungary
40 Athens Greece
41 Miami US
42 Delhi India
43 London UK
44 Beijing China
45 Bali Indonesia
46 Cairo Egypt
47 Dakar Senegal
48 Sao Paulo Brazil
49 Barcelona Spain
50 Kolkata India

According to their website, they have methodology to create this first of its kind Top 50 Best Street Food Cities List as below:

The 50 cities were selected after reviewing numerous “best street food cities” lists and included those cities that appeared more than once. To get a figure for the number of street food vendors in each city CEOWORLD magazine analysed street food data in Google Maps. CEOWORLD magazine used Numbeo to find out the current price of an inexpensive meal in each city. Data from UNICEF was used to rank the cities by food hygiene. The Street Food City Index 2019 ranks the cities on 4 parameters: number of street food vendors, affordability, number of street food experiences, and food hygiene.

Well, at least we know how they manage to create the list with their ‘sophiscated’ methodology and they put a disclaimer at the end of the article too (as they know many people is not happy with the article)

The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the CEOWORLD magazine.

This is feels like a gentle reminder that they know the article is ‘debatable’ but they going to post it anyways. =)

We are not saying Singapore’s Street Food is not good but not the best lah. Don’t get us wrong, we love Singapore street food too.

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