December 8, 2023


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Proof of Long Queue at KLIA2 Immigration

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Proof of Long Queue at KLIA2 Immigration

Is it a myth that there is long queue at KLIA2 Immigration? Is there any proof of long queue at KLIA2 Immigration? Well, we have this picture and it tells everything.

klia2 long queue
Long queue at KLIA2 Immigration

We travel almost once a month and we travel in KLIA2 quite often and to be honest there are long queues at KLIA2 Immigration at most times. There is off peak season that it busy but with the school holidays kicking in, the traffic at KLIA2 Immigration is going to be bad.

We have foreign friends who is living in Kuala Lumpur and they try to avoid flying back to KLIA2 due to the long queue at immigration.

With months towards Visit Malaysia 2020, we expect millions of travellers visiting our country for the first time. The first impression is going through the immigration in our airport and with long queues like this, this is not looking good.

To be fair, the same issue happens at Don Mueang Airport Bangkok some time ago and they found a solution to fix the problem. To be honest, there is still time for KLIA2 to come out with some plans to ease the traffic at immigration counters despite the bad design of the area.

KLIA2 also needs more visible signages to guide first time travellers flying into the airport. We have seen many first timers getting lost in the airport.

If anyone needs a proof of long queue at KLIA2 immigration, this is one of them. We will be flying at KLIA2 soon and maybe we will take more photos next time.

We have nothing against KLIA2 or Malaysia Airports but the problem is there and they need to fix this. It is just weeks away from Visit Malaysia 2020 so there is still time to fix and improve.

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