February 2, 2023

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Burger & Lobster Gaysorn Village Bangkok

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Burger & Lobster Gaysorn Village Bangkok Thailand

Do you know there is Burger & Lobster restaurant in Bangkok? The Burger & Lobter restaurant in Bangkok is located at Ground Floor Gaysorn Village (opposite Erawan Shrine and Central World Bangkok). We visited Burger & Lobster in London before they expanded to South East Asia. They have outlets now in Genting Highlands, Singapore and Bangkok.

We were at Burger & Lobster Bangkok earlier this year with our good friend Kim who was coincidentally in Bangkok. To be honest, we met most our friends in Bangkok as there are so many friends visiting the capital city of Thailand from time to time.

We went on weekday and the restaurant was quite busy. The size restaurant is not that huge and the ambiance of this place is calm and relaxing with dim light.

Lobster Croquettes (350 Baht).

For starter, we had Lobster Croquettes (350 Baht). The lobster croquette is combination of prawn and lobster with chipotle mayo. The croquette is crispy on the outside and comes with fillings of prawn and lobster and it complements well with the chipotle mayo that offers hints of sour and spicy flavour.

Lobster Mac N Cheese (350 Baht)

We ordered the Lobster Mac N Cheese and we enjoyed this. The texture of the top layer of cheese crust is crispy and the lobster and macaroni is creamy and tasty. This is good for kids and our boys love mac and cheese.

Original lobster (1500 Baht)

When it comes to seafood, you need to have it cooked with two methods, you either steam or grill it. This is the best way to enjoy the natural taste of the seafood.

The good thing about Burger & Lobster is they offer steamed or grilled lobster (1.5lb) with choice of clarified butter or Burger & Lobster famous lemon & garlic butter with choice of rice or toasted brioche or fries.

We ordered the grilled lobster with Burger & Lobster famous lemon and garlic butter with fries. We enjoyed the natural taste of the lobster with its strong texture and it complements well with the lemon and garlic butter sauce.

If you prefer bigger lobster, they do offer bigger size lobster and you just pay (depends on the rates of the day). This is the same policy with Burger & Lobster London and other outlets around the world.

Lobster Original Roll (1500 Baht)

Burger & Lobster is also popular with their Lobster Original Roll. This is Burger & Lobster classic and chilled lobster meat with lemony Japanese mayo is used for the lobster roll. Some of my friends enjoyed this but we enjoyed the steamed or grill lobster. This is all about personal preferences.

Burger & Lobster is affordable in London but it is pricey in this part of the world due to currency conversions. For the taste of the food, Burger & Lobster never disappoint but you don’t expect strong flavours like how the Chinese restaurants cooked seafood with chili or salted egg sauce. This is all about natural flavours so this is the proper way to enjoy seafood. For more information of Burger & Lobster Bangkok, visit https://www.burgerandlobster.com/locations/bangkok/gaysorn-village/

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