February 9, 2023

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Soba Restaurant in Japan Offers Singapore Style Bakuteh

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Soba Restaurant in Japan Offers Singapore Style Bakuteh

This is something interesting my Japanese friend shared on Facebook yesterday. A Soba restaurant chain in Japan called Fujisoba is selling Singapore style Bakuteh with their soba! They are selling it 590 Yen each.

The following is their promotional post on Facebook.

【肉骨茶(バクテー)そば販売開始!】急に肌寒くなった今日この頃、皆様いかがお過ごしでいらっしゃいますでしょうか?本日はバクテー(肉骨茶)そばをご紹介させていただきます。 …

富士そば 发布于 2019年10月17日周四








This is the Facebook English Translation version of the promotion:

[Meat Bone Tea (Baku) Soba is now on sale!]

How are you all doing today when you suddenly get chilly?

Today we will introduce the Baku (Meat Bone Tea) Soba.
◎ write with “Meat Bone Tea” and kanji in kanji. ” Baku ” is ” soup dish stewed with Chinese medicine and herbs

Meat Bone Tea Soba with a considerable shock when you think it’s soba.
This is a product that arranged the Singapore-style meat bone tea soup to the Fuji Soba Style.
Pork soup with a perfect garlic and pepper is too strong for Japanese people, but it is a bold seasoning for the reproduction of local taste.
Soup is the main ingredient of pork, and does not use seafood.
Ramen soup is on base. I don’t use any soba soup.

◎ what is meat bone tea ◎ the history of meat bone tea is said that when Malaysia was still a British Colony, the Chinese people who came from the mainland of China were able to learn and create their hometown cuisine. I am. They were mainly working as a harsh handling in the port called port clan in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur, but they became cheap and good nutrition sources for hard work. It is said that the roots of the meat bone tea were eaten as breakfast for the workers of the workers. Due to low wages, it is said that the name of ” meat bone ” is the origin of the ” Bone Bone ” which was left after the cow was dismantled. And it’s spread, now there’s a theory that it’s a local dish in Malaysia and Singapore made with a pretty good bone.
There is also a theory that in Malaysia, the son of a Chinese medicine doctor was sickly, so it is said that he made it as a medicine meal dish that became a nourishment tonic using Chinese medicine as a “meal therapy” for his son.
These are often eaten at breakfast or lunch as eating out, and it is one of the first foods on the ground, but in other areas, it is also introduced as a medicine meal.

Fuji Soba’s new “Meat Bone Tea Soba” has been suppressed by 590 yen and price as Fuji Soba! The taste is serious.

Sale at ueno hirokoji store, koenji store, fujisawa store.
I’m still going to expand the sales store. Please stay tuned

FujiSoba explained the history of Bakuteh is from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia but they are selling the Singapore’s version which is the pepper version. It is available at their Ueno, Koenji and Fujisawa outlets. There are many positive responses on their promotion of Bakuteh Soba. We hope this will bring more awareness of Malaysian dish to the Japanese. We hope to taste it if we have time on our next trip to Tokyo. For more info, visit http://fujisoba.co.jp/

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