May 19, 2022

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EVA Air Kuala Lumpur to Taipei and Infinity Premium Lounge Experience

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EVA Air Kuala Lumpur to Taipei and Infinity Premium Lounge Experience

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EVA Air Emergency Seat

Malaysians love to travel to Taiwan. There are hundred of thousands of Malaysians visit Taiwan every year and one of the best airlines to fly with is EVA Air. Recently, we explored New Taipei and flew with EVA Air.

eva air flight to taipei

The first time I flew with EVA Air was twenty years ago on my first visit to Taiwan. I had a very good long lasting impression with EVA Air due to its sublime service and inflight menu. Moving forward to 2019, EVA Air has changed and improved so much that it has become one of the top airlines in Asia.

eva air flight seat
Check the seat of the EVA Air

In recent years, EVA Air worked with brands like Hello Kitty to promote the airlines to cater for younger generation. On top of that, they also improved on the cabin experiences.

eva air flight to taipei menu

On our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei (Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2), we were seated on the emergency seats and we had better leg room seats. What catch my attention is the texture of the fabric of the seats which is comfortable to sit as the flight takes more than four hours.

eva air flight menu items
The EVA Air menu for our food
eva air flight pillow
Not forgetting the comfortable pillow

We also love how they present the food menu so it feels like a personalised service. Other airlines do offer food menu but it is already in the seat pocket.

eva air flight menu food chicken
Chicken rice

For their inflight menu, the presentation of the food is good and the food is tasty. We love the warm bread and the choices of drinks available onboard including a wide varieties of alcohol.

eva air inflight entertainment
The flat screen panel

The inflight entertainment is a good mix of new Hollywood movie and Asian movie releases. There are also plenty of classic movies available.

eva air flight toilet

We don’t usually talk about toilets but there are flowers inside the cubicle. These are fake flowers but it still put a smile on your face when you walk into the toilet. The cubicle is usually compact but with the added flowers, it gives more color and relaxation for guests.

eva air flight emergency seat

We enjoyed our flight experience from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei, the cabin experience, the friendly cabin crews, the tasty inflight food and also the entertaining inflight entertainment.

eva air infinity premium lounge
The EVA Air Infinity Lounge
eva air infinity premium lounge entrance

On our way back to Kuala Lumpur, EVA Air offered us complimentary access to their Infinity Premium Lounge (that is usually offered for the VIP flyers or Business Class guests).

eva air infinity premium lounge robot

There are three EVA Air premium lounges in Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 and the Infinity Premium Lounge is one of the best premium lounges in the airport.

eva air infinity premium lounge space

What we like is the entrance of the Infinity Premium Lounge and there are three service staffs that greet you. It feels like walking on a red carpet to an event.

eva air infinity premium lounge sofa

There are many smart working desks for business travellers and sofas for leisure travellers. The ambiance and design of the lounge makes you feel cozy and comfortable in the lounge. The colourful LED lights makes the lounge feels a bit of futuristic and colourful.

eva air infinity premium lounge breakfast
Check out the breakfast
eva air infinity premium lounge salad
The salad bar
eva air infinity premium lounge coffeee
The Illy Coffee machine
eva air infinity premium lounge drinks
The drinks section inclusive of beer
eva air infinity premium lounge haagen daz
Haagen Daz Ice cream for dessert

There are lots of food in the lounge with Haagen Daz ice cream up for grabs and also a good selection of beers too.

eva air business class
A peek at the Business Class of EVA Air

For transit guests, the lounge offers shower facilities too. If you have a long layover in the airport, the Infinity Premium Lounge is one of the best places in the airport.

The flight from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur is as good as our flight to Taipei and we will definitely fly with EVA air again in the future.

eva air malaysia

EVA Air also offer travel booklets for their guests with many cool information and discount coupons on New Taipei City. This special edition EVA Air New Taipei City booklet offer discounts valid until end of January 2020.

eva new taipei city booklet
The EVA Air New Taipei City booklet

Have you visited Taiwan? If you have not, time to discover the beauty of Taiwan and fly with EVA Air.

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