January 27, 2023

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Taxi or Grab Cheaper in Bangkok?

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Taxi or Grab Cheaper in Bangkok?

We visited Bangkok many times in this couple of years and we have been traveling around the capital city of Thailand. In terms of transportation in Bangkok, they offer BTS Train, MRT subway, public bus, boats, bike taxi, taxi and Grab.

We stay in many areas of Bangkok due to the nature of our work. We review hotels in Silom, Pratunam, Sukhumvit, Chinatown and more. Staying in different areas in Bangkok means we need to travel in either public transport or with taxi or Grab. Not all hotels we stayed are near BTS station or MRT station for example Pratunam area. You probably need to walk around 15 minutes to the nearest BTS station.

There are a few reasons taking taxi or grab. It saves you time of walking especially when you are traveling with kids or elderly. Getting from one place to another in a group with taxi or Grab is actually cheaper and better in time management.

Which is cheaper? Taxi or Grab in Bangkok?

The reality is the taxis are cheaper if they use the meter but there are bad apples who will charge you ‘one time fee’ than using the meter. If any taxi driver offered you ‘one time fee’, you can either bargain or do not sit into the taxi. We advise you to wait for a proper taxi or order Grab.

Grab in Bangkok is easy to use but you do understand that you have to pay for penalty if the Grab driver waited for you for more than five minutes and on top of that during peak hours, the price of Grab can go 1.5x or more.

Please take note that taxi drivers in Bangkok also drive for Grab so there are high chances you will get a taxi if you use Grab.

We usually order Grab in places like Pratunam or night markets as most taxis do not use the meter.

What we like about Grab is there is receipt so we can use it for our income tax purposes. You also can monitor how much spend on Grab while traveling in Bangkok.

Lastly, do check your Google Map before you ordering taxi or Grab as traffic jam is no joke in Bangkok.

We hope this will help you in making a better judgement while taking a taxi or ordering a Grab in Bangkok.

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