February 1, 2023

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Pre Loved Louis Vuitton in Japan

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Pre Loved Louis Vuitton in Japan

Do you know Japan is a popular place for pre loved or second hand Louis Vuitton? There are many shops in Japan that offer pre loved or second hand Louis Vuitton and one of the most trusted and popular store is Daikokuya.

This is our first time visiting Daikokuya and we were impressed by the amount of Louis Vuitton items they offer. Daikokuya is founded in 1947 and they offer 30,000 items and they have 26 stores all around Japan.

From our understanding on pre loved or second hand branded items in Japan is they are no fakes or imitation items. Japanese buy and sell their branded good fast to follow the latest fashion trend so there are many pre loved or second branded items like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and more.

They offer many Louis Vuitton items such as wallet, keychain holder, file folder, bags, handbags, sling bags, backpacks and more.

We visited a few Daikokuya outlets and we prefer their main HQ at Shinjuku. Daikokuya never deals in fakes or knock-offs and all their product have been certified by their experienced appraissors.

The prices of pre loved or second hand Louis Vuitton items start from few thousand Yen to few hundred thousand Yen. The manufacturer date as well as the condition of the item will define the final price. You can get a cheap Louis Vuitton outlet but the condition might not be that ideal.

No matter how expensive is the pre loved Louis Vuitton item, it will be still cheaper than retail pricing. What we like about Daikokuya is the service staffs there are helpful in explaining the condition and the design of the Louis Vuitton item.

Just make sure you bring your passport to get the tax exemption. There is no return or exchange policy by Daikokuya so make sure you check it properly before you purchase it. For more info on Daikokuya, visit their website and online store at http://www.daikokuya78.co.jp/index_en.html

Please take note that there are other popular pre loved or second stores in Japan.

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