April 12, 2024


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Australia Bushfire Maps Are Misleading

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Australia Bushfire Maps Are Misleading

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We all know about the bushfire situation in Australia. Some of our friends in Australia is constantly updating the fire situation in a few areas especially Kangaroo Island. It has been tough for Kangaroo Island in this couple of days. On top of that, there are many people sharing the map of all the bushfires in Australia. There is a couple version of the maps as shown as below.

We went to Tourism Australia office today and they told us to refer to the official Tourism Australia website at Australia.com to check the latest status of the bushfires in Australia.

From the Australia.com website, most of the maps including the ones we shown are misleading. The bushfires are huge but not as many as shown in the map.

On top of that, the map shown that Tasmania is on bushfire which is not the case. There are no bushfires in Tasmania at the moment. There is no bushfire at Launceston and surrounding region and also Hobart and the surrounding region. Thus, the maps are misleading and creating confusion that almost entire Australia is on bushfire. That sends a lot of negative and wrong signal to travellers planning to fly to Australia.

Please take note the bush fire in Australia is massive and it is real. It is still on going on certain parts of Australia and not as much as shown on these maps.

There is also the list of areas affected and not affected as listed on the Australia.com website at https://www.australia.com/en/travel-alerts.html

If you are planning to visit Australia, do check with your travel agent or get authentic information from Australia.com. If you want more in depth information on bushfire status in each and every state of Australia, you can visit https://www.australia.com/en/facts-and-planning/useful-tips/bushfire-safety.html

Please take note that you need one month’s time for the Australia Electronic Tourist Application. Please read Four Things You Should Know to apply Australia Tourist VISA (ETA) in Malaysia.

We hope this will clear up the confusion created by the misleading maps of bushfires in Australia.

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