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KKDay Tour from Tokyo: Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai & Gotemba Outlet

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KKDay Tour from Tokyo: Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai & Gotemba Outlet

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What to do when you are in Tokyo? How to visit Mount Fuji from Tokyo? One of the most popular tourist attractions near Mount Fuji is Lake Kawaguchi and taking a public transport will take around three hours one way. However, if you take a day tour with KKday, you can visit Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai and Gotemba Outlet in a day from Tokyo! You can check it out from Kkday at and this is KKday Signature Tour means this is operated by KKday and not third party tour operator.

The meeting point is at Tokyu Plaza at Ginza Tokyo. Watch the video and we have show how you can find the meeting point. It is just above the Ginza Train Station Exit C3. You will spot the Kkday tour leaders in front of Emporio Armani outlets. Please make sure you are early or punctual, this is Japan so they will leave on the dot whether you are in the coach (bus) or not.

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According to the itinerary, we should visit Gotemba Outlet first and then Oshino Hakkai and ends with Lake Kawaguchi before heading back to Tokyo City. However, due to traffic accident at the highway towards Gotemba Outlet, they brought us to Lake Kawaguchi first to avoid the traffic jam.

Lake Kawaguchi

mount fuji lake kawaguchi

We reached Lake Kawaguchi early before everyone else and it was a very clear day. The guide told us that it was foggy just days ago and we were happy to see Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi.

mount fuji lake kawaguchi stone mountain

Firstly at Lake Kawaguchi sop, you will see a mini replica of Mount Fuji. This mini version of Mount Fuji is made from rocks of all the mountains in Japan. Lake Kawaguchi is a huge lake near Mount Fuji and this is one of the tourist stops along the lake.

mount fuji lake kawaguchi places and foods

You need to be fast and smart to take photos here as there are many locals and tourists taking turns snapping photographs. You can see that most of our photos look empty as we took time for our best shot.

mount fuji ice cream

In this stop, there is a souvenir shop that sells the ‘Mount Fuji Ice Cream’ for 500 Yen. You have the choice to have the Blueberry or Vanilla or Mix flavour for the Mount Fuji Ice Cream. It comes with one piece of Mount Fuji biscuit.

Everyone will take the photo of the Mount Fuji Ice Cream with the backdrop of Mount Fuji. You can really enjoy the ice cream with the view to kill.

The pictures are beautiful and the actual fact is the emotion of seeing Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi is phenomenon. You can chill here all day long but we have to move on to our next stop, Oshino hakkai.

Oshino Hakkai

Oshino Hakkai is the set of eight ponds in Oshino, a small village in the Fuji Five Lakes Region and a short drive from Lake Kawaguchi. It is also near to Lake Yamanakako.

mt fuji blue pool

The eight ponds are made from the snow melt from the slope of Mount Fuji that filters down the mountain through layers of lave for a period of 80 years. That is the reason why you can see clear spring water in every pond in Oshino Hakkai.

There are a few ponds in Oshino Hakkai and the first few ponds are extremely popular as it is nearer to the entrance and also there is the spring water straight from the source available in one of the ponds. You can easily identify it the pond with most people queuing up with empty bottles. There are many myths about the spring water and mostly on health purposes.

mount fuji Oshino Hakkai sacred water

If you plan to get some of these spring water, you walk into the souvenir shop and there is a water tap there instead of queuing up for the spring water source outside.

The souvenir shop sells local produce food, local souvenirs and snacks too. Since this is a tourist attraction, prepare to pay more than what you can get in the city but there are some food and souvenir available in this part of Japan only.

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Please do not throw coins into the pond to wish luck as it is not a norm here. Our guide reminded us not to throw anything into the pond as it will pollute the clarity and purity of the water.

mount fuji Oshino Hakkai pool clear water

As you walk past the river and pond, you can see through the bottom of it. The water here is very clear and you can see the water plants and fishes in the water.

Gotemba Outlet

Our last stop is the Gotemba Premium Outlet. We have a few hours in this outlet and to be honest it is never enough time to shop. We spent too much time in Adidas outlet as the sales are too good to be true.

mount fuji gotemba outlet kkday

On top of that, there are restaurants and food court in Gotemba Premium Outlet. The Gotemba Outlet is huge and it comes with two sections with over two hundred shops. The guide will give you the map so you can plan your shopping adventure in advance.

mount fuji gotemba outlet

After few hours of shopping and the shopping bags, we went back to our coach and it is all the way back to Ginza Tokyo. Depending on which day, there could be traffic jam but the coach is very comfortable so most people will nap until they reach Ginza Tokyo. This is the experience of KKDay Tour from Tokyo: Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Hakkai & Gotemba Outlet. If you are planning to visit Tokyo, do consider this day tour and book it at

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