February 6, 2023

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Wuhan new coronavirus in Japan, Thailand and South Korea

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Wuhan new coronavirus in Japan, Thailand and South Korea

We don’t really want to blog about this as our motive is to encourage our readers to travel instead of posting negativity. We got to know about Wuhan new coronavirus late last year from news and travellers. It was under control just weeks ago but now it has spread to Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

Just one hour ago, BBC reported that Chinese authorities have reported 139 new cases of this new coronavirus in two days! It has spread beyond Wuhan city to Beijing and Shenzhen!

It is reported that there are over 200 people infected with this Wuhan new coronavirus and three have died from the respiratory illness.

Chinese New Year is happening this week and there will be millions traveling in China and around the world. If you are flying this week, please wear a mask!

There is also a confirmation case of the virus today in South Korea after 2 persons in Thailand and one in Japan last week. The travellers are detected and quarantine by the authorities. It is still safe to travel to Japan, Thailand or South Korea but just take some precautions such as wearing a mask and make sure you wash your hands often.

We just came back from Bangkok and there were many people wearing mask in the airport than in Malaysia. Prevention is better than cure, wear a mask when you traveling this week. Wash your hands often too when visit different places.

Please take note it is still safe to travel to Thailand, Japan or South Korea but just prepare yourself with a mask. Travel safe and Happy Chinese New Year.

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