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Bangkok Chinatown Dimsum Khanom Jib Pae Sia

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Bangkok Chinatown Dimsum Khanom Jib Pae Sia

This over 100 years old Bangkok Chinatown dimsum street food Khanom Jib Pae Sia was recommended to me by Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Malaysia. We were having chatting about our trip to Bangkok and they recommended us a list of food to eat in Chinatown and Khanom Jib Pae Sia is one of them.

100 yr old dimsum

There is not many information available on Khanom jib Pae Sia on the Internet and we got our information from TAT. This dimsum stall was opened more than 100 years old by Peasia Orasirisakul’s grandfather.

Bangkok Chinatown  Khanom Jib Pae Sia

His grandfather offers small khanom jib (pork dimsum or siew mai) in Sampheng area before his father took over. He started helping his father at the age of 16 years old. Moving to Plaeng Nam Rd, his father passed the business to him to continue the legacy. The dim sum stall is located at ‘Chua Hoi Khanh’ or Yuan Temple in Chinatown.

Khanom Jib Pae Sia opens at 11 am to 6 pm daily and the queue starts when he open his stall. You can see many locals queuing up for this dimsum.

100 year old dim sum menu

He is only selling one type of dim sum which is ‘siew mai’ or pork dim sum. It is priced at 3 Baht each and it is cheaper when you buy in bulk. You can see many customers buying at least 10 and above.

Bangkok Chinatown Dimsum Khanom Jib Pae Sia

This is a very traditional dimsum and what is unique is it is bite size and immense with flavour. The dimsum is made with minced pork, mushroom, dried shrimp, black pepper and compliment with light soy sauce and chili sauce.

Bangkok Chinatown Dimsum Khanom Jib Pae Sia dim sum

For the taste you get the chili taste first and then you start to get taste of the dim sum. The texture is soft and this is comfort food.

Do visit Khanom Jib Pae Sia when you are in Bangkok Chinatown. If they can sell dim sum for over 100 years, they must be something right! We will be listing all the food in Bangkok Chinatown in our blog soon. Stay tuned.

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Bangkok Chinatown Dimsum Khanom Jib Pae Sia

Opening Hours: 11 am to 6 pm daily

Address: Plaeng Nam Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand (in front of ‘Chua Hoi Khanh’ or Yuan Temple)

Phone: +66 81 726 0777

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