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Thailand Update Bangkok Chinatown February 2020

Time for another Bangkok Thailand Update in February 2020. This is taken last weekend, 15th February 2020 at the main Yaowarat Road of Chinatown Bangkok. Bangkok Chinatown was still busy even though there were lesser Chinese national tourists.

bangkok chinatown 2020

For your information, one of the road lanes of Yaowarat Road will be closed from Friday to Sunday every weekend to allow more people to walk around. This is to encourage more visitors to Bangkok Chinatown as it is usually overcrowded and packed with tourists. With this extra one lane of walkway, it is easier to move around along the Yaowarat Road.

Last weekend, we can see lesser people on Yaowarat Road but it is still busy. Compare to the crowd in December, we can spot more tourists from Western countries as well as more locals. Watch the video and you will see how busy is Bangkok Chinatown.

bangkok chinatown 2020 yaowarat

Usually there are long queues at popular food stalls but there is almost no queue last weekend. If you are planning to visit Bangkok, time to check out the Chinatown.

bangkok chinatown wat mangkon station design
Wat Mangkon MRT Station

For your information, visiting Bangkok Chinatown is easier now with the new MRT Blue Line Wat Mangkon Station. It is only a few minutes walk from Wat Mangkon MRT Station so it is easier and convenient to visit Bangkok Chinatown.

grand china hotel
Grand China Hotel

If you want to be more adventurous, you can stay at Grand China Hotel in Chinatown. This is probably the best hotel in Chinatown and staying here means you can explore and enjoy the amazing food in Bangkok Chinatown.

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