February 5, 2023

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15 COVID-19 Red Zones Areas in Malaysia

There are 15 COVID-19 Red Zones Areas in Malaysia as on 12 noon, 30 March 2020 as announced by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) or Ministry of Health Malaysia on their official Twitter account. KKM categorised areas with 40 COVID-19 cases and above as red zones.

There are 15 COVID-19 red zones area in Malaysia and 7 COVID-19 red zones area in KL. The COVID-19 red zones increased from 13 to 15 in this few days while there are still 7 COVID-19 red zones area in KL.

15 COVID-19 Red Zones Areas in Malaysia:

  1. Hulu Langat (258 cases)
  2. Lembah Pantai (226 cases)
  3. Petaling Jaya (224 cases)
  4. Seremban (118 cases)
  5. Johor Bahru (108 cases)
  6. Kluang (106 cases)
  7. Kuching (81 cases)
  8. Kota Bharu (79 cases)
  9. Kinta (76 cases)
  10. Kepong (75 cases)
  11. Klang (70 cases)
  12. Titiwangsa (64 cases)
  13. Tawau (60 cases)
  14. Gombak (59 cases)
  15. Hilir Perak (56 cases)

There is an increment of 49 COVID-19 cases in Hulu Langat to 258 COVID-19 cases. This is very near our home and we are staying at home and trying not to go out at all except we need to shop for groceries.

It has been an awesome two weeks of MCO with our boys and this is phase one and phase two will start tomorrow.

There are 14 days of MCO so please stay at home, we don’t really want an extension of this. Many people are suffering as many people earn by working daily. Please do not go out except you need to stock up your groceries. Please stay at home and let us get through these difficult times together. Please stay at home. Duduk dalam rumah diam diam. Thanks!

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