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18 Must eat in Chinatown Bangkok

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18 Must eat in Chinatown Bangkok

What to eat in Chinatown Bangkok? We have compiled a list of 18 Must Eat in Chinatown Bangkok and you probably read some of it in other websites and blogs. There are many good food in Chinatown Bangkok with history that over decades and generations. Some of the food here are passed down by generations with the new generation preserving the legacy while some food is popular among the tourists.

18 must eat

Most of the food you find in Chinatown Bangkok are local and Chinese influenced food. The most popular road to find most of these food will be  the Yaowarat Road while there are also other food in smaller alleys in Chinatown.

Here are the 18 Must eat in Chinatown Bangkok:

1.Crab Fried Rice

2.Pork Satay

3.Oyster Omelette

4. Birds Nest

5. Pork Snacks and Products


7. Braised Pork Knuckles

8. Stewed Goose

9. Patango

10. Dim Sum

11.Oyster Porridge

12.Fish Ball Noodles

13.Pork Rice

14. Roasted chestnut

15.Spicy Raw Crab

16.Thai Durian

17.Chicken Rice

18.Grilled Squid

Now, let’s go details on the 18 Must eat in Chinatown Bangkok. You might have tasted some or most of the food we listed but no harm sharing this to our readers and everyone else.

1.Crab Fried Rice

This is stir fried rice with egg and crab meat. A common Thai dish that can be found in various parts of Bangkok. The rice is stir fried with eggs to perfection and adds with crab meat.

The fried rice is usually fragrant and it is addictive. Every time when we visit Bangkok, we will order the crab fried rice and you can have this in Chinatown Bangkok.

2.Pork Satay

Pork meat marinated with turmeric and other ingredients are carefully grilled using the traditional charcoal grilled.

bangkok pork satay

The end product is you get the tasty pork satay and usually complements with cucumber, onion and sweet satay curry sauce. Some offer toasted bread with the chicken satay and the satay sauce.

3.Oyster Omelette

This is similar to the oyster omelette you can find in Malaysia and Singapore. They offer big and fresh oysters and this is a must try food when you visit Chinatown Bangkok.

You can check out this 100 year old Daeng Racha Hoi Tod popular oyster omelette that opens for breakfast and lunch. Find out more at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2020/03/daeng-racha-hoi-tod-famous-bangkok-street-food.html

4.Birds Nest

bangkok birds nest

Traditional Chinese soup or dessert is very popular in Chinatown Bangkok. Thailand is one of the huge exporter of birds nest and hence it is cheaper to taste it in Thailand.

5.Pork Snacks and Products

There are many shops in Chinatown selling pork snacks or pork products. These include dried pork meat, pork sausages, pork meat floss, pork snacks and other pork products.

pork snacks bangkok chinatown

You can enjoy it at the shop or buy it back as souvenirs. You can get reasonable prices at Chinatown Bangkok.


Seafood is very popular in Chinatown Bangkok. There are a few popular seafood restaurants at the main road of Yaowarat. We usually go for T&K Seafood with the green signages. The seafood here is fresh and the food prices are reasonable.

t&k Goong Ob Woonsen prawn in glass noodles
Goong Ob Woonsen (Prawn in glass noodles)

If you are planning to have seafood in Chinatown, make sure they show you the menu with the prices or ask them for the food prices before you order. It is rare to have scam cases in Chinatown but just take precautions.

One of the restaurants will usually visit is T&K Seafood and you can read it at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2020/02/bangkok-chinatown-tk-seafood.html

7.Braised Pork Knuckles

Braised pork knuckles with rice is a popular dish in Thailand. You can taste the soft texture of the braised pork with the strong sauce and complement with the fragrant Thai rice.

braised pork bangkok chinatown

This is a definitely must eat in Chinatown Bangkok.

8.Stewed Goose

This is something we found on our last trip to Chinatown Bangkok. You probably heard of stewed duck but it is rare to find stewed goose.

urai stewed goose

The restaurant is located in the alleys and it takes around 5 minutes of walking from the main Yaowarat Road. This restaurant is very popular among the locals and the restaurant is usually packed even before they are open.

The stewed goose is tender in texture and the taste is better than the duck. We love the soy sauce and how it complements with the goose with the acidic chili sauce. You need to visit this restaurant early for the stewed goose.


Patango is a Chinese food and we called it ‘you tiao’ in Mandarin. There are a couple of stalls selling patango during day time and a popular patango stall in front of the 7 Eleven store at night.

bangkok patango savoey

Thai version of patango is shorter in length and it is complement with coconut spread or we called it the ‘kaya’ in Malaysia. What you get is crispy outer layer and soft texture of the Patango. Since it is bite size, this is an addictive snack you must eat in Chinatown Bangkok. One of the most popular Patango stall is Pa Tan Go Savoey opens at night at 56 Yaowarat Road Samphanthawong, Bangkok. This patango stall is listed under the Michelin Guide Thailand.

10.Dim Sum

You can find dim sum some restaurants in Chinatown Bangkok. The dim sum in Thailand is slightly different than the ones in Hong Kong or in Malaysia. The dim sum in Thailand in general taste similar but smaller in size.

We found this 100 year old dim sum stall in Bangkok Chinatown. It is called Dimsum Khanom Jib Pae Sia and it is the fourth generation selling the dim sum daily with the food cart. Most of his customers are locals that enjoy the bite size dim sum.

11.Oyster Porridge

This is something new we found in Bangkok Chinatown. This is oyster rice porridge or oyster rice congee.

oyster porridge bangkok chinatown

What you can expect is rice porridge with generous amount of huge size oyster. The porridge is tasty with the huge oysters. This is something light you can consider of tasting in Bangkok Chinatown. You can taste it at Yu Huad located at Texas lane along Padungdao Road.

Yu Huad Oyster Porridge:

Padungdao Road (Texas lane)

12.Fish Ball Noodles

Lim Lao Ngow is a popular fishball noodles stall that has been around for more than 80 years with three generations. They have many other outlets in the city but the original is in Chinatown Bangkok.

Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles

They are located in front of the buiding no. 299-301, Song Sawat Road, Samphanthawong Chinatown. It is around five minutes of walk from the main Yaowarat Road of Chinatown.

The simple bowl of fish ball is better than other fancy food out there. The egg noodles are ‘qq’ or al-dente while the homemade fish balls are bouncy and soft in texture. If you drop the fish ball onto the ground, it can probably bounce off (literally). The taste of the fish ball noodles overall is simple and nice. This is comfort local street food at its best and it is only 40 Baht per bowl.

Read more: https://www.placesandfoods.com/2019/11/chinatownbangkoklimlaongow.html

13.Pork Rice

Thailand is popular with their pork rice and you can find many restaurants offering pork rice.

pork rice bangkok chinatown

What you can expect is crispy pork belly served with rice and egg with the sauce. Remember to eat it with the chili sauce to add more flavour to this delicious dish. You can find popular pork rice restaurant at Si Morakot, Sukorn 1 Lane.

14. Roasted chestnut

This roasted chestnut is a popular food among the Chinese communities around the world. What is so special is they roast the chestnut using such machine with sugar and it has this strong fragrant aroma.

roasted chestnut bangkok chinatown

You need to peel the cracked shell and the chestnut is soft and tasty. This is an addictive snack you don’t want to miss. The roasted chestnuts are sold at the main road of Yaowarat and they it is sold by weight.

15.Spicy Raw Crab

You can find this in many Youtube videos, the spicy raw crabs. This is available at day stalls at Yaowarat Road.

bangkok spicy raw crabs

The raw crabs come with generous amount of orange colour eggs. You can order it and have it at home or have it on the spot. It takes some courage to taste this.

16.Thai Durian

Thai durian is popular as you can find them in many Asian grocers around the world and this is the reason why you should taste it in the country of origin, Thailand.

thai durian bangkok chinatown

There are a couple types of Thai durian and you can taste them all at the main road of Yaowarat in Chinatown Bangkok. The taste is could be strong and pungent for first timer but it will be a great experience to taste the durian.

17.Kway Chap

Kwai Chap is a popular food in this part of Asia in countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. You can find kwap chap in Penang and probably in Johor but not in Kuala Lumpur. Kway chap is also popular in Singapore. Thai’s version though is slightly different.

kway chap bangkok chinatown

Thai’s version of Kway Chap is using rolled rice noodle with pork and pork innards with pepper soup. The taste is flavoured with pork with hints of pepperish taste.

There are two popular places that offer Kway Chap in Bangkok Chinatown and they are Nai Ek Roll Noodle and Kway Chap Auon Pochana.

18.Grilled Squid

Lastly, you should try the grilled squid. You can find many fresh seafood in Thailand and squid is one of them. If you spotted the fishing boats with green lights, those are the ones that catches the squid.

grilled squid bangkok chinatown

There are many grilled squid stalls in Chinatown Bangkok from day till sundown. What you can expect is the beautiful texture of the squid and the amazing taste.

For your information, Chinatown is a food haven in Bangkok. There are plenty of good food available in this part of Bangkok. If you are a food lover and want to taste the local street scene, please visit Chinatown Bangkok.

There is a new MRT station in Bangkok Chinatown and it is the Wat Mangkon MRT Station. It is located near the main road of Yaowarat and it is within five minutes of walking.

You can also consider staying in Chinatown Bangkok as there are plenty of boutique hotels. We stayed at Grand China Hotel, a four star hotel in Chinatown Bangkok. It is probably the best hotel in Bangkok Chinatown. Get the best deal with Agoda.com at https://www.agoda.com/grand-china-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html?cid=1538606

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