October 25, 2021

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IOI City Mall Putrajaya during Movement Control Order

I went to IOI City Mall Putrajaya to restock our food yesterday before the announcement of the extension of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to 14 April 2020. As you know, there is only one person from the family can travel around to buy for groceries and so I went to IOI City Mall Putrajaya alone. On the way to the mall, there was a roadblock and hence a short traffic congestion. This is a good move by our police officers to curb unnecessary travels for people who are still stubborn and travel with their family.

ioi city mall movement control order

For your information, only a few parking entrances are open at IOI City Mall Putrajaya. The mall waived the parking fees during this MCO period.

The IOI City Mall Putrajaya is almost empty and all the retail outlets are closed. Only a handful of restaurants during MCO period.

When I reached the entrance of Tesco IOI City Mall Putrajaya, there is a compulsory body temperature before you can enter the supermarket. I went there early so the supermarket was not busy.

ioi city mall tesco check temperature

It feels like they just replenished their stock. There are many vegetables available and you need to queue for a distant to get the vegetables or meat weigh. Most people are on masks while some are not. It is understandable as masks are out of stock and there are still many people trying to get the masks.

ioi city mall tesco vegetables

I read there are not enough of breads in the market. There were still plenty of bread in TESCO IOI City Mall Putrajaya yesterday. I bought a few for my family and for my parents.

ioi city mall tesco bread

There were still eggs around as there are restriction for each customer to purchase only two boxes of eggs. Good move by TESCO so now one is hoarding the eggs.

ioi city mall movement control order eggs

There are still many food available, some discounts on frozen food and ice creams. Toilet papers are still aplenty so you can check out TESCO IOI City Mall Putrajaya.

Back to the mall, Watsons is open and there is a body temperature check. I didn’t go in as I still have sufficient hand sanitizer and face masks.

ioi city mall movement control order restaurants

Most of the fast food restaurants in IOI City Mall Putrajaya is closed and that includes McDonald’s, KFC, Nando’s and more.

ioi city mall movement control order fast food

I will probably drop by at IOI City Mall Putrajaya again next week once my food stock is running low. Remember to keep your hygiene when you travel around for groceries, wear a mask if you have one and remember to wash your hands or sanitize your hands.

Stay strong our fellow Malaysians. Let us get through this difficult period of time. Stay at home and duduk di dalam rumah diam diam.

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