January 31, 2023

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Is AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 A Good Deal?

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Is AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 A Good Deal?

This is the last two days of AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 and have you bought this pass yet? Is AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 A Good Deal? Well, let us explain more about AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 as we received many questions about this deals from our friends and followers.

AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 is for flights over 4 hours and only with the carrier code D7 (AirAsia X) and XJ (Thai AirAsia X), excluding flights to Singapore, Denpasar (Bali) and Jeddah. Pass is a bundle that guests can purchase which allows them to redeem unlimited long haul AirAsia flights until 2 March 2021.

AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 offers unlimited travel to Japan, Korea, India, China and Australia from now until 14 February 2021. Tomorrow will be the last day of AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499.

How can I redeem a flight in AirAsia Unlimited Pass?

  1. Visit www.airasia.com/deals or the AirAsia App and click on the ‘Deals’ tab
  2. Must log in with your BIG Member account
  3. Click on ‘My Purchases’ and the AirAsia Unlimited Pass
  4. Click on ‘APPLY NOW’ to apply your unique promo code, and then land on the flight search widget on airasia.com
  5. Search for flights
  6. Choose flights marked ‘100% off’ which is applicable under this pass
  7. Make payment to complete your booking
  8. Enjoy your deal!

Once you purchased the AirAsia UnLimited Pass, you will receive a special promo code. Please take note that AirAsia UnLimited Pass is for one person (who purchased it). You can’t use the promo code for your brother, sister, your BFF, father or mother. It is exclusively for the purchaser.

When you have AirAsia UnLimited Pass exclusive code, you can book flights at least 14 days before the departure date and the last available booking date will be 16 Feb 2021.

Remember, you have to pay the additional fees for high season, airport tax, in flight entertainment, food and luggage.

The promo code is applicable to long haul flights* with carrier code D7 (AirAsia X) & XJ (Thai AirAsia X) only.

As mentioned on their promotion banner, it is excluding flights to Bali, Singapore, Jeddah and Fly-thru routes.

There is Embargo period applies. AirAsia flight redemptions are limited and may not be available on all flights during public holidays, school breaks and weekends.

You are allowed a total of 3 no-shows. Once you’ve exceeded this amount, AirAsia reserves the right to cancel/forfeit your AirAsia Unlimited Pass.

Remember, the purchase of AirAsia Unlimited Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable.

Is AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 A Good Deal?

If you are using AirAsia UnLimited Pass for at least 2 trips and above, this is the best deal ever! However, please take note that the AirAsia UnLimited Pass may not be available on all flights during public holidays, school breaks and weekends.

If you are planning to visit Korea or Japan, the high season starts from September until December and then February to March so you have to pay more in these months. Thus, you can get the AirAsia UnLimited Pass with lesser top up fee during summer in Korea or Japan from May to August.

Lastly, AirAsia UnLimited Pass cannot be used on other AirAsia promo deals and we hope this clarifies on the questions on AirAsia UnLimited Pass. If you have the appetite to travel for 2 trips and more on low season, AirAsia UnLimited Pass RM 499 is a Good Deal.

For more info on AirAsia Unlimited Pass RM 499, visit https://www.airasia.com/deals/faq

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