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Kim Yong Morning Market Hatyai March 2020

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Kim Yong Morning Market Hatyai March 2020

Hi everyone, we just visited Kim Yong morning market in Hatyai a few days ago in March 2020. We went on Monday morning, 3rd March 2020. This is off peak season and it is on weekday so the Kim Yong morning market is not that busy.

kim yong market

Kim Yong morning market is one of the most popular markets in Hatyai Thailand. It is located at Supasarnrangsan Rd, Tambon Hat Yai, Hat Yai District. This morning market is outdoor while the Kim Yong Market is indoor located in the building.

The Kim Yong market offers many stalls selling local produce such as fruits, meat, seafood, snacks, souvenirs and food.

kim yong market monk
Locals getting blessing from a monk in the market.

What to buy at Kim Yong morning market?

Kim Yong morning market is one of the few places you can get local produce without breaking the bank.

kim yong market corn stall
Local corns, rice crackers and dried longan

We usually buy small items like cashew nuts, dried longan, pork snacks and souvenirs here at Kim Yong morning market. You can bargain a bit if you purchase more but they are usually quite persistent with their pricing as the prices here are reasonable.

kim yong market fruits stall
Local fresh fruits

For example, one kg of cashew nuts (cooked) is around 280 Baht and above but it depends on season.

kim yong market pork snacks
Pork crackers and pork floss

For pork lovers, you can try the pork floss selling from 100 Baht and above depending on stall and brand. They offer tasting so you can choose which is the better brand you prefer.

kim yong market cashew nuts
Cashew nuts and other dried fruits

On top of that, there are fruits and dried fruits available and we know many people like to buy fresh fruits back to Malaysia. If we are not mistaken, Malaysians are not allowed to bring Thai mangoes back to Malaysia.

kim yong market pork stall
A common pork stall

Hence other products from Thailand including ginger, turmeric (kunyit), potato, yam bean, taro (yam) , sweet potato, lemongrass, kaffir leaf, ground nuts, bird’s eye chillies (cili padi), and greater galangal (lengkuas) are also not permitted unless you have an import permit and proper certificate.

kim yong market cha kuey
Local ‘char kuey’ or ‘yu tiao’

Kim Yong morning market is less than 10 minutes from Lee Garden Plaza so it is near all the happening places in Hatyai. The morning market is usually lively during weekends and it is a must visit if you plan to have some local food in Hatyai.

kim yong market march 2020 placesandfoods

Hatyai was pretty quiet during our visit few days ago. We were there during off peak season and on weekdays and hence it feels like a quiet town. Please take note that there is zero COVID-19 case in Hatyai Thailand.

Kim Yong Morning Market Hatyai Address:

 Supasarnrangsan Rd, Tambon Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

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