May 21, 2024


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Fei Fei Crab Restaurant Delivery in KL

How is the Movement Control Order (MCO) treating you? Are you craving for seafood like crabs and prawns? We can’t travel more than 10km for food so it is important to know which seafood restaurant is offering delivery. We got to know Fei Fei Crab Restaurant is having promotion and offer delivery in KL during this MCO Period and we ordered XXL Crabs and Prawns for dinner.

fei fei crab restaurant delivery

We visited Fei Fei Crab Restaurant in Kepong nine years ago. After that, we visited their restaurant from time to time as they expanded to more outlets in Klang Valley. They have two on going promotions for MCO and it is the RM 1 Prawn and Two Meals A Day, All You Can Eat for the肥肥蟹 Fei Fei Crab – PJ Damansara Jaya.

We ordered 1.2kg XXL Crab and RM 1 Prawn promo (for orders above RM 100) from 肥肥蟹 Fei Fei Crab – PJ Damansara Jaya. They use Grab to deliver the food from the restaurant to my place. You can contact them directly at +60162373794 (NK Tan) or or using other Apps and Platforms such as 百家外卖, Food panda, 百兔外卖, Delivery eat and Eatzeely.

crab fei fei 1

We ordered the seafood for dinner and it comes with Grab Car. We paid for the delivery as we really crave for seafood during this MCO Period.

crab fei fei 6

The delivery comes with great packaging, all inside the plastic containers with the sauce and broth. Nothing is spilled and it is still warm.

crab fei fei 3

We took out the plastic covers and took some photos with our boys. The XXL Crab might not look a lot inside that plastic container and we will show you the portion once we put it in a proper pan.

crab fei fei delivery

What we did is we reheat the seafood for dinner so it is warm and just did a few minutes reheat on the pan. Look at that portion of the 1.2kg of XXL Crabs. The butter sauce is creamy and it is so good, you can lick it till the last drop. The fried mantao (Chinese Bun) goes really well with the sauce and even with bread.

fei fei crab prawn

For the RM 1 prawn, it comes with 7 – 8 pieces of prawns. This is the ‘Drunken Prawn’ and the broth is strong with the Chinese wine and flavourful. The prawns are fresh, amazing texture with the fragrant taste of the ‘drunken broth’.

crab fei fei 4

To be honest, we felt so good after the meal. It is not just about the seafood craving but also how tasty are the Butter XXL Crabs and the Drunken Prawns. We paid over RM 100 for it but it is worth it!

fei fei crab rm 1

For the RM 1 Prawn Promo, it is available at 肥肥蟹 Fei Fei Crab – PJ Damansara Jaya branch. The fresh an large sea prawns are only RM 1 when you order above RM 100.
Promotion is first come first served basis

fei fei crab restaurant promo

For the second promo Fei Fei Crab launches a “two meals a day, all you can eat” package, delivered to your door at lunch / dinner every day, during this epidemic, the family can enjoy the Fei Fei crab’s food, no longer worry about cooking today.

They will deliver the meal to you before 12 pm/6pm every day, and will definitely not make everyone hungry   , please stay home during the outbreak, let Fei Fei crabs serve you and your family

[Including your meals] Package

Lunch / Dinner (one week)

For four people only RM 488

(Meat + tofu + egg + soup + vegetable + 4 rice)

For six people, only RM 688

(Meat + tofu + egg + soup + vegetable + seafood + 6 rice)

For those who have craving for seafood, you can check out Fei Fei Crab Restaurant. Since we ordered and taste it yesterday, this is highly recommended. They also offer different crab sizes and method of cooking for their crabs and seafood.

crab fei fei 7

You can contact them directly at +60162373794 (NK Tan) or or using other Apps and Platforms such as 百家外卖, Food panda, 百兔外卖, Delivery eat and Eatzeely.

肥肥蟹 Fei Fei Crab – PJ Damansara Jaya

Business hours: 12pm-2:30pm; 5pm-10:30pm
Address: 19, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, 47400 Selangor .

 Phone: 0183964106


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