April 13, 2024


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Pantai Seafood Restaurant Kampung Sg Kayu Ara

We think many people staying in Petaling Jaya area should know this seafood restaurant. Pantai Seafood Restaurant is located in Kampung Sg Kayu Ara is part of the popular Unique seafood group of restaurants.

pantai seafood restaurant

We went to Pantai Seafood Restaurant Kampung Sg Kayu Ara sometime ago for a dinner with our friends. You can easily spot the restaurant with the signage and it offers many parking spaces next to the restaurant. This restaurant is fully air-conditioned and it is suitable for all ages.

pantai seafood restaurant fish tanks

There are fish tanks that you can select your live seafood or fishes. Don’t be scared by the price of the premium live seafood, there are affordable seafood for everyone. You can ask the captain for recommendation based on your budget. As usual, the kids love the fish tanks and looking at the live seafood.

pantai seafood restaurant seng kuang tofu
Seng Kua Tofu (Ridge Gourd Tofu)

Seng kua or ridge gourd cooked with homemade tofu. The ridge gourd is soft in texture while the homemade tofu is soft in texture and this goes well with the rice. The kids loved this.

pantai seafood restaurant claypot pork belly
Salted Fish Pork Belly Claypot

This is pork belly cooked with salted fish in claypot. The pork belly is soft in texture and immense with flavours with hints of saltiness and spiciness. This is a very enjoyable dish and you must have this with the rice.

Kam Heong Lala

pantai seafood restaurant kam heong lala

We like their version of Kam Heong Lala but the size of the lala (clamp) is smaller than we expected and we expected more ‘sauce’. The lala is fragrant with the kam heong sauce and this is enjoyable.

Salted Egg Crispy Prawn

pantai seafood restaurant salted egg prawns

Look at those crispy skin coated with salted egg. The version of salted egg prawn is crispy on the outer layer with strong texture. The prawns are fresh.

Crab with Marmite Sauce

pantai seafood restaurant marmite crabs

Crabs stir fried with sweet marmite sauce. You can see how sticky is the marmite sauce with the crabs. The crabs are fresh and it is sweet with the Marmite sauce.

Steamed Crab with Egg

pantai seafood restaurant steamed crabs

This is the steamed crab with egg. You can taste the natural flavour of the crabs but since we had the crab with marmite sauce first, this dish feels bland. Maybe it is better to order crabs with strong flavour sauce like butter or sweet and sour or spicy.

Overall, the food is good at Pantai Seafood Restaurant Kampung Sg Kayu Ara. Surprisingly, the food prices here are still within our budget. They have premium live seafood and they have affordable ones so do order based on your budget. To be honest, we don’t mind coming back again.

Pantai Seafood Restaurant Kampung Sg Kayu Ara


No. 13575, Jalan Chempaka Kg, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone: 03-7725 5099

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