May 27, 2022

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Restoran Seoul Taman Danau Desa Korean BBQ

This is probably the best Korean BBQ in town and that is why you see people queue at the staircase all the way up to the restaurant. Restoran Seoul is located on the first floor, 1-1 Plaza Danau 2, 2, Jalan 3/109f, Taman Danau Desa. The restaurant is above Al Sarifa Mamak restaurant and it is usually packed for dinners.

restoran seoul taman desa

Restoran Seoul is run by a Korean couple and they are one of the friendliest owners you can find in town. We managed to grab our table as we went there early and it was a very evening.

restoran seoul taman danau desa

The restaurant’s design is like tables and seats within cubicles (like the office setup) so you get more privacy. On top of that, every table comes with the smoke extractor or smoke suction so it won’t be so smoky in the restaurant.

restoran seoul taman danau desa side order
Banchan (Korean side dishes)

One of the best things about Korean BBQ restaurant is the banchan or the side dishes. You can find side dishes like anchovies, brinjal, ladies fingers, kimchi, lotus root, seaweed and more. The side dishes can be refill.

restoran seoul taman danau desa squid
Jiu-kkumi Ppokgeum (Baby Octopus)

Jiu-kkumi Ppokgeum is panbroiled baby octopus seasoned with hot sauce. Baby octopus panbroied to perfection with bitey texture and immense with the hot sauce flavour.

restoran seoul taman danau desa grill
Jeon Tong Bulgogi (Hot Plate)

Jeon Tong Bulgogi (Hot Plate) is traditional style marinated BBQ beef. The delicious BBQ beef comes with generous amount of enoki mushrooms.

We were with our boys so the owners helped us too cooked the BBQ meat in another table and served us in plates.

restoran seoul taman danau desa pork belly

This is one of the two BBQ dishes we ordered, the Sam-Gyoub-Sal or Pork belly slices. They helped us to cook it and served it to us. The pork belly is barbeque to perfection and the taste and texture is delicious.

restoran seoul taman danau desa grill pork
Dae-ji Yang-nem Mok-Dung-Sim

This is Dae-ji Yang-nem Mok-Dung-Sim or pork shoulder in spicy homemade sauce. The pork shoulder is thicker in size but the texture is tender. The pork shoulder is tasty, flavourful with hints of spiciness and this reminds us of our traveling days in Korea. You can let them know how spicy you want for the sauce.

We enjoyed the food here and this is definitely one of the best Korean BBQ restaurants in town. The owners are friendly but it is a bit warm in the restaurant. Finding parking can be a challenge on top of the long queue. You should visit Restoran Seoul Taman at Danau Desa if you are Korean BBQ lover.

Restoran Seoul Taman Danau Desa Korean BBQ

Address: 1-1 Plaza Danau 2, 2, Jalan 3/109f, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 012-373 1176

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