February 4, 2023

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Covid-19 Qing Ming 2020 at Home

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Covid-19 Qing Ming 2020 at Home

Qing Ming or Ching Ming Festival is one of the important traditional Chinese Festivals for the Chinese communities in the world. Qing Ming is also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English is a day for Chinese families to visit the tombs for their ancestors.

The Qing Ming festival is a custom by the Chinese for over 2,500 years. It is one of the days you meet your relatives every year on top of Chinese New Year. The tradition is for families to visit their ancestors tomb to clean the grave sites, pray to them and make ritual offerings.

You can see families bring food to offer and pray for their ancestors and also burning the joss sticks and offerings usually made in papers. Usually, people will burn ‘silver’ and ‘gold’, ‘hells notes’, items made in paper such as houses, cars, phones, TVs and more.

Qing Ming is also a day for the young ones to remember and respect the ancestors. It is more to a custom than festival and it carries a lot of family values for the Chinese communities.

Today is the official day of Qing Ming Festival, 4 April 2020. This year many Chinese communities around the world will celebrate Qing Ming Festival at home due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Stay at home for this Qing Ming Festival, your ancestors will understand the situationand they don’t want you to join them soon. Please stay at home, duduk rumah diam diam.

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