February 6, 2023

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Snow Crabs at The East Busan Korea

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Snow Crabs at The East Busan Korea

What to eat in Busan? If you are planning to visit Busan, make sure it is snow crab season so you can taste their famous snow crabs. One of the better establishments you can savour snow crabs in Busan is The East Busan. It is a very popular seafood restaurant specializing in snow crabs and we went there on our previous trip to Busan.

It is a huge restaurant and if you need a private room, please book in advance. The restaurant also offers many parking spaces if you intend to self drive there.

The first thing you see from the outside is the huge water tanks filled with live snow crabs. There are dozens of these water tanks and probably hundreds of live snow crabs. We know Koreans love snow crabs from the movies but this is absolutely madness!

We reserved a VIP room with my friends aka Youtubers and Influencers from Malaysia, thanks to Korea National Organisation (KTO). Look at the amount of snow crabs they order and we went crazy by looking at the freshly steamed snow crabs.

What we like is how they prepared the snow crabs. They steamed it and cut it into sections. They cut the crab meats onto shell, body, legs and claws. Not forgetting they offer crab fork so it is easy for you to scrape the meat off the shell.

We never had so many snow crabs for one meal and you might wonder what’s the taste like. The snow crab meat is soft and juicy and it is so tasty with its natural flavour. Once you start eating the snow crabs, it is so hard to stop!

Next, it is their way of enjoying the rice with the crab shell. First you have scrap off the eggs of the shell, put in the rice and start to mix. Then, you eat it with the crispy seaweed.

Lastly, they also serve the soft bean paste stew with crab legs. If not mistaken, it is called Doenjang-jjigae (Fermented soybean paste stew). This is the last dish of the evening and it is snow crab overloaded.

Snow crabs at The East Busan are very tasty but they are not the cheapest in the city. There are seafood market in Busan that offers snow crabs but you will be missing the service and the good food. If you want quality snow crabs with service and don’t expect a bit more, do visit The East Busan. Thank you KTO for the dinner and all the new amazing friends!

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The East Busan Korea

Address: 266 Gijanghaean-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea

Phone: +82 51-722-2000

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