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Sugar Painting Animals Candy Art at Luo Cheng Ancient Town

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Sugar Painting Animals Candy Art at Luo Cheng Ancient Town

This is something rather unique we experience during our Six Days in Chengdu Du Jiang Yan Le Shan Emei Sichuan China media trip. You can read the entire journey at The Lou Cheng ancient town is dated back to the 1600s during the Ming Dynasty era. It is packed with locals and this has become a meeting point for the locals.

amazing sugar painting

You can find many locals playing card games, playing mah-jong, chit chatting with friends while enjoying a cuppa tea. While we were walking around, enjoying the view and experience the ‘local vibes’, we saw this old man painting with sugar or caramel.

Watch the video to see how the old man paint the sugar candy art from scratch. It looks so simple and yet it is so technical, it takes a lot of skills to paint the art. One wrong move will destroy that candy art.

What happen is he is cooking his sugar / caramel using a small charcoal pot. He uses a few tools just to create the painting. We believed he has been doing this for decades so his hands movements are so perfect.

amazing sugar art painting

It just took him a few minutes to create an animal candy art and it only cost 5 RMB. Yes that is less than 1 US dollar or around RM 3 for one piece of sugar art.

You just have to pay him 5 RMB and you press the button to select which animals you get in random. Then, he will paint the animal art depending which one you got in random. You will get the sugar painting at the end and you can eat it like a candy.

We don’t see this kind of things in Malaysia anymore. This type of business is not that profitable so many young ones will not pick up skills like this. In fact, some locals are still amazed by his sugar painting animals candy art.

amazing sugar art painting china

We can’t travel now or to China at this time so we share our experiences from our trips. Wait until it is safe and comfortable, then you can start traveling. China is a pandora box and we want to explore more in this country when the time is right. Luo Cheng Ancient Town 罗成古镇 is part of Sichuan China and it is definitely more than pandas. Plan now, travel later.

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