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Thai Durian Luang Review Betong Thailand

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Thai Durian Luang Review Betong Thailand

Many Malaysians have the perception that there is only one type of Thai durian in Thailand. However, there are a number of different types of durians in Thailand. The popular ones are golden pillow, kanyao, chanyee, luang and more and where is the best place to taste Thai Durians in Thailand? If you want to taste Thai durians without breaking the bank, time to visit Betong in Southern Thailand.

durian thai luang

We are going to do a series of Thai durian reviews that we did in Betong Thailand. This is the second Thai durian review and the first one is Thai Durian Chanee and you can read it at

There are a few places you can find durians in Betong. The wet market in Betong, the durian stalls along the way from the town to hot spring and the durian stalls at the Hot Spring. We tried this Thai Durian Lang at the durian stalls at The Betong Hot Spring.

According to the Thai durian seller, Thai durian Luang is a new type (cross breed or hybrid durian). The durian taste is a bit bitter and the texture is creamy. It is actually quite enjoyable and similar to Malaysian durian.

Thai durian Luang is not popular with the local as it is not long lasting. The durian will last for one day or two and it starts to get waterish. The Thais prefer more solid texture durians while Malaysians love creamy and soft texture durian.

thai durian luang

Thai Durian Luang is not expensive and they charged us 30 Baht per kg which is very affordable. On top of that, you can find many other types of Thai durians that taste similar to some of Malaysia durians.

durian betong places and foods

We visited Betong Thailand in August and that was the durian season. Due to the climate change, it is hard to know the exact timing for the durian season. However, we find that Betong also offer good food on top of affordable Thai durians. You can read all our stories and adventures about Betong at

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