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Thailand Durians Review Thai Durian Chanee

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Thailand Durians Review Thai Durian Chanee

thailand durian review chanee

This is part of Thailand Durian Reviews and the first durian we are going to review is Thai Durian Chanee. As we were told, Chanee in Thai means monkey and this is called the Monkey Durian? Anyways, we had this in Betong Thailand and the please watch the video for more information.

Where can you find Thai Durian Chanee?

Durian Chanee is a popular durian type and it is available in most parts of Thailand but this is at Betong Hot Spring stalls during the months of June – August. During the mid year durian season in Betong, there are durian stalls almost everyone in town.

thailand chanee durian

Please ask the price of the durian before you open. Do not assume the prices of the durians as it fluctuates during day to day, season to season depending to stock availability.

This was 70 Thai Baht per kg/ RM 9++ per kg during Durian season in Betong Thailand in August last year.

The texture of the Thai Durian Chanee is a bit dry (probably we took the dry fruit), creamy and yet filling. The taste is pretty good with creamy, thick and sweet after taste. This is pretty enjoyable but you get filling quite easily due to its thick texture.

thail durian chanee

When everyone talked about Thai durian, many people will talk about the Golden Pillow but there are many other types available like Thai Durian Chanee.

We will be promoting other types of Thailand durian types soon such as Kanyao, Golden Pillow and more.

For all our stories in Betong, click here. This is Thai Durian Chaneee, Amazing Thailand.

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