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Wanli Crabs at Guihou Fish Market New Taipei City Taiwan

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Wanli Crabs at Guihou Fish Market New Taipei City Taiwan

This is something we discovered when we visited the Wanli district of New Taipei City in Taiwan. This place is near YehLiu GeoPark and it is a small seafood market popular with the Wanli Crabs.

taiwan wanli crabs

Wanli Crabs are crabs caught in this area and there are three types of crabs, the Wanli flower crabs, Rock Crabs and the Three dot crabs and we will explain more about it.

guihou fish market wanli

There are parking spaces at Guihou Fish Market but it is usually packed so you might want to consider renting a taxi for a full day if you are staying in Taipei. They will usually bring you around the Yehliu Geopark, Guihou Fish Market, Jinsan Market in the North Eastern Coast of New Taipei City.

There are two sections at Guihou Fish Market New Taipei City. The front section are shops selling live seafood such as fish, crabs, prawns, clams and more while the back section is similar like food court with many food stalls offer to cook live seafood.

guihou fish market wanli live crabs

You can spot many fish tanks with live seafood for you to choose. The stalls come with numbers and you can only sit the table with the stall number.

guihou fish market wanli foodcourt

We randomly select stall 11 as the waitress has been friendly to us and we ordered our seafood which is prawns, clams and two types of crabs.

guihou fish market wanli stall 11

This is food menu at Guihou Fish Market Stall 11. Everything is listed with its prices except live seafood.

guihou fish market wanli stall 11 cooking menu

The Wanli flower crabs are more expensive than the three dots crabs. You will know the reason after you ate them.

The seafood will be weighed and they will let you know the price and then if you agree then they will cook for you. We like how they run business here, it is honest and transparent so you won’t get scammed.

It will take a while for them to cook the seafood. The crabs are steamed so you can enjoy the freshness of the meat.

guihou fish market wanli fresh seafood

The Wanli Flowers crabs are delicious. The meat texture is more solid like the mud crab so this is really enjoyable. The flavours of the meat is juicy and you get the satisfaction of enjoying this Wanli Flower Crabs.

guihou fish market wanli seafood places and food

The Three Dots crabs are a bit disappointing. The texture of the meat is soft and it is quite similar taste to Malaysia’s Blue Flower Crabs. That is the reason why it is cheaper compare to Wanli Flower Crabs.

If you want to try Wanli crabs, go ahead to order Wanli Flower crabs. If you die die also want to try the Three Dots Crab, please go ahead and do so.

The prawns we ordered are fresh and hence the taste of the prawns are juicy and we love that strong texture. If you are prawn lovers, you will enjoy this. Make sure you get your hands dirty and start feasting on the fresh seafood.

The Guihou Fish Market is a must visit if you plan to do a day trip to the North Eastern Coast of New Taipei City. The Wanli Crab is a must try and remember to order the Wanli Flower Crabs. Please take note that we didn’t try the Rock Crabs as it ran out of stock so we will come back again.

We love this part of New Taipei City Taiwan and hope to revisit this place one day especially for the Rock Crabs. Time to discover New Taipei City when you travel to Taiwan. Plan now and travel later. You can read all our stories about Taiwan at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/taiwan

eva air places and foods

It is time to discover Jinshan in New Taipei City in Taiwan, there are more things that you can imagine. We flew to Taipei with EVA Air and we enjoyed the flight.

Guihou Fish Market

Address: Yuao Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 207

Phone: +886 920 160 111

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