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Rochor Beancurd Geylang Road Singapore

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Rochor Beancurd Geylang Road Singapore

Geyland is the popular red light district in Singapore and it is also popular for the food. You can find really good food like the Rochor Beancurd at Geylang Road. Rochor Beancurd in Geylang is a popular dessert restaurant, it is a small restaurant and it is usually for take away. Please take note that Rochor Beancurd Geylang Road opens for 24 hours.

rochor beancurd house singapore

We went there with my Singaporean friends for the beancurd. On top of the beancurd (taufufar), we also ordered the soybean drink, Portuguese Tart and Yutiao. The soybean drink is tasty, not that sweet, full of soy flavour and it is very enjoyable.

We don’t really want to comment much about Yutiao since we went there late but the Portuguese Tart is spot on!

rochor singapore dessert

The famous Rochor Beancurd. If you are from Malaysia, you will have funny face when you take the first spoon. The texture of most Singapore’s beancurd is similar to the pudding texture. Malaysia’s beancurd or even in Hong Kong or China beancurd offers smoother texture. It could due to the methodology of grinding the soy beans into the soy paste or using different techniques in making the beancurd.

rochor singapore dessert beancurd tofu

Please don’t get us wrong. Rochor Beancurd offers a different texture but it doesn’t mean it is not tasty. We often read many food bloggers often condemn when they discover unusual taste of a familiar. For us, we enjoyed Rochor Beancurd as it is, the taste is immense of the soy bean, it is not too sweet and the texture is soft. It feels like having tasty beancurd pudding.

During this Circuit Breaker period, they are still open and they also deliveries. Rochor Beancurd Geylang Road is a 24 hours shop so you can visit them anytime of the day when you are in Geylang.

Rochor Beancurd Geylang Road Singapore

Address: 745 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389653

Phone: +65 8288 7020

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