February 9, 2023

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Ballarat Wildlife Park Victoria Australia

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Ballarat Wildlife Park Victoria Australia

This morning, we were talking to our Facebook follower on messenger and we asked him what shall we blog about? He told us that he wanted a story on Australia and hence, this is one of the places we visited during our last trip to Australia. Ballarat is a popular area for goldmining from the past in the state of Victoria. It is near the Great Ocean Road and it has been our dream to visit this place since our first visit to Melbourne in 2011. We finally visited Ballarat two years ago and one of the unique places you must visit is Ballarat Wildlife Park.

Firstly, you need to know is Ballarat Wildlife Park is not a zoo. The Ballarat Wildlife Park is an interactive wildlife park situated on 37 acres of natural bush land and it is opened by Greg Parker in 1987.

The Ballarat Wildlife Park offers 400 species of animals including free roaming kangaroos and emus that you can interact with. You can find many local animals such as koalas, wombats, quokkas, echidnas and both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles.

Ballarat Wildlife Park also offers Koala enclosure, The Little Penguin exhibit, Crocodile enclosure, Red Kangaroo’s enclosure.

On top of that they also offer foreign animals such as the Indian star tortoise, the American alligator and the Aldabra giant tortoise.

These are Dingos!

We also took pictures with the kangaroos and the alpacas. The girls loved them!

You can also check out the penguins too, this is up closed and personal with the cute creatures. On top of that, you can take many photos with them too.

The Ballarat Wildlife Park once home of the oldest living wombat in captivity, Patrick aged 32 died in 2017.

Ballarat Wildlife Park is a great place for family or friends who never visited a wildlife park in Australia. There are many places you can interact safely with the animals and hence the kids will enjoy it. Since you are in Ballarat, why not visit Ballarat Wildlife Park? Remember to check out all our stories about Victoria at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/australia/australia-victoria

Ballarat Wildlife Park Australia

Address250 Fussell St, Ballarat East VIC 3350 (No entry on, Richards St), Ballarat East VIC 3350, Australia

Phone:  +61 3 5333 5933

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