May 19, 2022

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85 Ferrari For Sale in Malaysia on

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85 Ferrari For Sale in Malaysia on

People has been talking about long queue in front of pawn shops and Kenanga Wholesale City this couple of days. There are also many people selling off their luxury handbags and items on Instagram and pre-owned websites with brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more. However, we realised that there are many people selling off their Ferrari in Malaysia on

mudah ferrari on sale

Firstly, this is not a sponsored post by but we have been checking out some of the second hand cars on sale due to the current Movement Control Order (MCO) and we realised that there are many people selling off their Ferraris.

At, there are total of 85 Ferrari for Sale. There are 21 Ferari for sale since 1st May and 58 Ferrari for sale since the first day of MCO. You can check out the entire list at at

Some of the listed Ferrari comes with starting price of RM 278k up to RM 3.15 million. We don’t want to speculate the reason why there are so many Ferraris for sale so it is up to your imagination. If you have cash and plan to upgrade for Ferrari, this is probably the best time to get one.

mudah ferrari on sale list

Honestly, we just hope for the best for everyone out there. It is tough time now and most of our friends are having financial issues during this MCO. Please stay strong and be safe everyone.

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